Saturday, 26 October 2013

Some Nice and Happy Things

This week we've had so much rain and after many wet and grey days
it started to get a bit depressing. So I was very much cheered
 when the sun finally appeared on Thursday morning.
Such a welcome sight!  And it stayed shining the whole day! 

hip hip hooray!

It was the usual busy day in our house
 but it was so much nicer going about our chores and routines
with lots of bright sunshine coming through the windows.


On Wednesday I went for a wander around shops and
found some pretty bargains. 
This little jar was a pound in a charity shop

and these bowls had forty percent off their original price in a shop
that was closing down. 

I always love a bargain especially when they're unexpected and
they're found on a wet and miserable day. Gives me a smile


My husband baked and we do love a homemade cake in our house.
He made Torta Caprese, a chocolate and walnut cake.

It's very yummy and gave us our cake and chocolate fix this week.


I was able to do some sewing on Tuesday and made
 good progress on the set of cushion covers I'm making for a friend.
I'm hoping to finish them very soon.
In the evenings I've been making granny squares while sat on the sofa
 watching television.

I'm finding crochet enjoyable at the moment and like to see the
stack of little squares growing slowly everytime.


My copy of Molly Makes magazine came in the post and it's got
a very nice free calendar!

It's full of beautiful pictures and they're inspiring me to do more crochet
especially this winter.


Our three year old girl did her very first dance exams in ballet and tap
last weekend and we got the results this week. She did well on both
 and we're just so proud of her.


Thanks for reading!

Wishing you lots of nice&happy things this weekend
and the coming week!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sew Last Summer

Around May this year I received a number of commissions, 
all from friends and family. It wasn't a lot but enough to keep me
 happy and busy. I spent many sunny hours working away in my sewing 
machine while my girls were in bed having their afternoon naps.

I made personalised buntings

and cushions.

This one was a first birthday present

and these were for a little boy and his new baby sister.
 The owls were a special request.  I added some toadstools
just because I like them.

I also made these little party bags.
I had lots of fun sewing those cupcakes and ice cream appliques.

And it was the first time I used my very own labels- exciting!

Last but not least this wedding present for my sister in law's friend.
I was asked to make a cushion with the names of the bride and groom
included in the design and the rest was up to me.
The happy couple both live and work in London and they also
got married there so I decided to put a bit of London in the design
and this was what I came up with

and the finished cushion.

My sister in law liked it very much and most importantly,
so did her friend. Hurray!

Some afternoons when I was busy sewing I had a little helper.
She was ever so good at keeping me company and (ahem)
 sorting out my things. I'm so lucky!

As I've said earlier it wasn't a lot, the commissions,
but it was plenty enough sewing for me especially with
 my crafting time very much limited to my girls' afternoon naps.
I'm so grateful to everyone for asking me to make some nice and
pretty things for them and to my girls for obliging me most afternoons.

And thank YOU for reading this post!

Wishing you lots of sunshine where you are.
(It's wet&miserable here in Sheffield)

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013



This is my first ever blog post 
and I'm a little bit lost for words.

I think what I'll do is 
show you some of the things I've made for craft fairs
this year.

I signed up for my first one in March

and had a stall at a local vintage and craft fair
in May.

It's been a very busy, very crafty
springtime for me.

Next time I'll  show you 
what I've been up to craftwise
last summer.

Thanks for reading.

See you soon!