Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Sidetracked by a Bear

 I got sidetracked by a bear last week. Blanket and costume making
had to be put on hold because this sweet little thing was demanding
to be crocheted and made into a bag.

The idea came to me one morning while I was thinking about presents 
I'd like to make for the girls and it kept nagging at me until I gave in. So
 I got my hook and yarn out and the pattern that I've worked out in my head seemed to have worked. Yay!

My bear is made of cotton yarn both DK and aran. Her face and nose
were crocheted on the round but her ears are double crochet triangles*
that I've slipstiched round to make them less pointy. I've even made
a loop and attached a button at the back so it can be closed like 
a proper bag. 

I'm really, really pleased with her. I'm usually not very confident
with crochet and wouldn't attempt anything without a pattern to
follow so I'm very chuffed with how this has turned out. And the
girls love it too which always makes it even better.

I'm glad to have been distracted by this little project because it's
given me lots more ideas. Someone said this will make a cute cushion and I do think it will work. I'll just have to make it much bigger and
add two more loops to close the opening. That's definitely something
I'd like to try soon but first I have to make another bag so the girls can have one each. They love this bear but I might make a fox or a cat
 for the next one. I'm not sure yet, we'll see!

*from 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects & ideas by Melody Griffiths


  1. It's gorgeous Marion! You are most clever! Looking forward to your next creation! Bee xx

  2. That's superb. What a great idea for a bag! You're really talented Marion! Is it half term next week with you? Have a great week. ️Xx

  3. Fabulous, I love her. I think she needs a name, perhaps Belinda Bear or something similar.

  4. I can see why your girls love her, she is very sweet. Well done you.
    Lisa x

  5. This bag is adorable, Marion! How sweet. Your girls must be in love with her!

  6. How cute! No wonder your daughters want one each! Really lovely X

  7. Too too cute!!! This would be an adorable cushion wouldn't it - not that it isn't adorable as a bag too! xx

  8. That is so cute, and you made it without a pattern too! No wonder your girls love it. Another great make!
    Caz xx