Thursday, 13 November 2014

New Treasures

When we were in Derbyshire a few weekends ago
we stopped by one of my favourite second hand shops,
the Carlton Emporium in Castleton. The old guy who owns
and runs the place was there and we got chatting to him.
He's quite a character, a bit of an eccentric. Well, not just a bit.
We found out that two or three times a day he gets visitors
to re enact the Titanic with him. We missed this 'show' when
we were there in spring but couldn't really avoid it this time.
He played that Celine Dion song and passed around a microphone
to get everyone to sing along. And we all had to wear sailor hats!
My husband gamely sang with him while I tried not to laugh
out loud. The girls, bless them, didn't really know what was
going on. If anyone had come in the shop at that time they'd have
 wondered what on earth they'd walked into. It was just so funny
 and bonkers! Luckily our little show didn't last long and it didn't
put us off from having a browse around and making a couple of purchases. Although I think next time we'll head for the exit
as soon as we see those sailor hats coming out!

Anyway here are the lovely old things we got from there:

These melamine coasters with sweet little cherries
(only 50p for a set of five--yes, please!)

and these wooden figurines. 

I like the details in her dress, her earrings and the basket 
she's carrying. She looks very graceful and regal. He looks 
rather plain next to her but he's got a fine looking moustache
and together I think they make a handsome couple. I had to
take them home. 

So those were our finds from that funny old place in Derbyshire. 
This next new found treasure was recently given to us by my
husband's parents. It was my husband's when he was little and
was found amongst a box of old toys and baby things in their attic.

It's a set of five wooden nesting houses, each house with
a different coloured roof. Aren't they cute?

They're all in great condition and we're so delighted that the girls
can now play with them too. It's one of those things that is not
worth much but holds a lot of happy memories. They will
definitely be treasured!

That's all from me for now. Hopefully next time
I'll have a finished project to share with you.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am laughing at your description of the enforced singalong in the shop...your husband took it in good humour, mine would've died from the horror I think! Honestly, it's hard enough as it is getting husbands and partners to accompany us into these places, without being driven away by the music from the Titanic.... x

  2. What great finds. I love anything with little cherries in the design. I would totally have sung with that guy, I loooove Titanic. I force my husband to watch the whole movie with me, in one sitting, about once a year. He is a very patient man. :)

  3. I haven't forced Titanic on my husband yet, lol! There are no words for how fantastic those coasters are! The wooden figures are pretty great, but the houses - just wow!!!! They are in amazing condition, and for the girls to have something from their dad's childhood is so wonderful.

  4. I love the wooden houses!!! They are just so cute. I would have then all lined up somewhere with things stored in them! Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. xx

  5. Hi Marion, thank you for being interested in the five on Friday posts, can you please e-mail me and confirm that you are happy for me to share your e-mail address with the others in the group. Thank you and thanks for being interested. Amy xx