Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lovely Happy Things

I have to apologise for not having been around much over the past
week. Markie has started school and it's been quite hectic around here.
So far she's been having an enjoyable time at school. The only time
we were close to tears was yesterday when I asked her why she didn't
eat her food at lunchtime and she said it's because she missed Mummy.
I've missed her too. I think she's also missing her friends in nursery.
It's hasn't been long since she's had her last day there. But apart from
 this she's been fantastic. We've been impressed with how confident
and happy she's been and we're so proud.

It's all quite a big change for all of us though.
We're still adjusting to our new routines, finding an easier route
for the school run and I'm also still getting used to driving on my own,
making my own decisions and all that. Hopefully things will get better
and easier for all of us. We'll have to give it time.

Anyway it's been a busy past week but we did manage to have
some lovely and happy things. Here are some of them:

A walk in the woods on a sunny Friday morning. It was a
beautiful day, just perfect for a bear hunt.

A nice cup of tea with our lemon drizzle cake and a new magazine.

A little bit of crafting time.

Finding a sweet little needlepoint picture in a charity shop.

Our freshly picked tomatoes

Fun and live music on a happy Sunday afternoon.

That's it from me for now. 
 I'm hoping to have a bit of blog reading time later. I've missed you all. 
Take care and I hope you're all having a good week.

See you soon!


  1. Awww! Big changes in deed!!! I'm sure she will continue to flourish! I need to get back to my local charity shop! I've missed it these past summer weeks! X

  2. It seems many of us have been incredibly busy this summer! More so as the summer came to/ is coming to an end! My sister and parents both have bears in their backyards! My sister has had to turn back from a walk more than once as a neighbors hollers that there is one out that given day. We live in a rural neighborhood, but not fully in the country (boo!). We *have* woken to a coyote sleeping in the backyard, which was a little strange. I'm sure Markie will make plenty of new friends before she knows it! And, you will be driving instinctively before *you* know it! The needlepoint is so sweet! I love it. I can't wait to see what you're crafting, I like your fabrics!

  3. My younger son starts school tomorrow! Just for the morning, and then next Monday & thurs mornings and then the following week he does a couple of full days before finally starting full time the week after that! I keep having to check the calendar every five minutes to make sure I've got the days right! I don't know how working parents manage all the phasing in. He doesn't seem at all bothered about starting - maybe because his older brother is already at the school so he used to being there & has been at the preschool there too. Fingers crossed he will be ok when he gets there tomorrow!

  4. Lovely to hear that your daughter has settled in so well at school - it's always a nervous time for parents. Cute needlepoint picture - I'm a big fan of Peter Rabbit.
    Caz xx

  5. Hope school has been going well. It's a big adjustment for everyone!! BigR hasn't been for a full day yet (they do 2 weeks of half days in Leeds which is brilliant and infuriating all at once!) but can't wait to have lunch!

  6. I'm glad Markie and you are both settling in to your new routines. She'll be fine. These things always get easier as time passes and everyone adjusts to the change. x

  7. It sounds like your wee girl is going really well and settling in....often starting school is much harder for us mums isn't it?! The wee ones seem to just go with the flow! Glad you have a had a little crafting and relaxing time in your week too.
    Marianne x

  8. Glad Markie has made a good start at school. I love that magazine too.and I love the Peter. Rabbit and Mummy Rabbit needlepoint.