Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Vintage Fair Finds

This week seems to be our family's turn to suffer from the various
germs and viruses that have been going around lately. Unfortunately
it's the girls who've had the worse end of it and they haven't been
happy bunnies these past couple of days. They're much better today
 although still feeling very tired. Fingers crossed they're now on the
mend and we'll finally see the end of these nasty bugs. Well for now
at least. I just want us all to be well again--we have a little seaside
 break to enjoy this weekend!

Anyway let's now talk about nicer and more cheerful things such as
 my purchases from Sheffield Antiques Quarter's autumn vintage fair.
They're quite a mixed bunch, my finds, but I'm delighted with them all.
First off are these Midwinter milk jug and lidded jar. 

I've never seen pieces with these colours and pattern before
so I got quite excited when I first spotted them. I thought £7 for
the two was a bit expensive but after looking online I realized
I actually did well. My mother-in-law collects vintage dinner and
tableware and she's impressed with them so I'm even more pleased.

There were many tempting haberdashery items from buttons,
knitting needles and sewing baskets at the fair but I was happy
with just these two bias bindings. I like this shade of green
and I also like that they're still both in their original packaging.
As for the little flower brooch, it was simply too pretty to leave
behind especially at just 50 pence!

Last but not least is this basket. To be honest with you
this was not my first choice. I had my eye on something nicer
with a green trim but the seller didn't have any change for my
twenty pound note. We both asked around for change without
any luck and someone suggested I go to a nearby Tesco which
was a bit annoying as my time was quite limited and aren't sellers
 supposed to be ready with coins and smaller notes for change?

I was about to give up when I spotted this one. It was cheaper
 and the stallholder was more helpful too. I thought it would do
but I'm now really happy with it. It's sturdy and roomy and
can hold all the yarn for my granny square throw so it actually
turned out to be perfect.

So these are all my happy finds from the fair. I hope I'll be as
lucky on the next one.

Thanks for stopping by. Back soon!


  1. Oh I do hope the girls are on the mend! The vintage finds are gorgeous! X

  2. Some lovely finds there Marion. The china is a beautiful colour. Hope the girls are now recovered and you have a great weekend away - look forward to seeing photos!
    The young people in our house have colds too, I'm hoping they keep them to themselves!
    Caz xx

  3. Your china is beautiful!! I can't believe a vendor didn't have change - though it looks like the basket you ended up bringing home is just the thing! I love, LOVE old sewing notions! I hope the girls are all better!