Thursday, 18 September 2014

Love Me Dots Tiebacks

A few months ago Mollie Makes magazine featured these wonderful
crochet hangers. There were three different patterns, all lovely, but my
favourite was this one, the 'Love Me Dots Hanger'. Unfortunately I don't
have any spare wooden hangers that's suitable for such a makeover
but I thought that maybe I could adapt the pattern to make curtain
tiebacks instead. I had some Stylecraft cotton yarn that I wanted to
use and the colours would go really well with our blue bedroom curtains.

So I started off by making these little circles which I then made into
 squares and joined together in a row.

When I had sixteen of these little squares I double crocheted
around both sides and added the loops at each end. When this
was done I made another one so I had a pair.

Here they are both finished and ready to use.

I'm really pleased with them and so glad they are just the right length,
not too tight and not too slack. They've cheered up our plain old
 curtains and they are letting in more light, making our room so much
 brighter during the day which makes me very happy.

So that's another happy little project from me. Aside from
Mollie Makes I have to thank Pinterest and Gillian for inspiring me with
 their many fantastic crocheted curtain tiebacks creations. 

Have a great weekend. See you soon!


  1. Oh they are perfect!!! I might have to make something similar for our room!! Well done! X

  2. They look great Marion - it's amazing what a difference they make to the curtains.
    Caz xx

  3. They look so pretty and are a great way to have adapted the hangers to something that was right for you!! xx

  4. They're lovely! What a great idea!

  5. They're fabulous! Love the colours!! What a great adaptation :-)

  6. I love these Marion! So pretty. I know what you mean about those wooden hangers, I have been searching for them for ages but have never found one...hopefully one day!
    Marianne x