Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nature in the Garden

We were out in our little garden yesterday afternoon. It had been
overcast and drizzly and we had spent most of our morning indoors.
After lunch, when it cleared up, the girls wanted to play outside and I
went along for a bit of fresh air. There were lots of leaves on the ground
and Markie picked up a few to play with. We noticed that on one of
them there was a very tiny snail. It was ever so small that we nearly
missed it.

Isn't it wonderful? We thought it was such an exciting find and we
 decided to look for other little creatures that might be around our garden.

We found ants and spiders, lots of them, amongst the plants.

We're not big fans of spiders but we couldn't help but be fascinated
by their delicate and intricate webs. Those dewy ones are particularly

We also saw a couple of bees busily working away amongst
the lavender flowers. 

And there was a lonely looking ladybird resting on a rosemary stem.
We hope it would find some its friends soon.

We really enjoyed our little search around the garden and were
very delighted with what we saw and found. I'm glad we took the
time to look, notice and wonder. We went back in feeling happy and
I think we now have a better appreciation of the little green space that
we have outside our house and all the tiny creatures that make their
 home there. We'll do it again soon and hopefully next time
we'll find a frog. Now that will be very exciting.

Hope you're all having a great weekend. See you soon!


  1. Wow, that really has to be the teeny tiniest snail in the world!!! You did great to find so many lovely little things. xx

  2. Such a tiny snail, very well spotted! It;s nice to take a breath and appreciate what we have just outside our door xx

  3. I love this idea. Nature walks don't have to take place in the woods, they can happen in our own gardens! Such a fun learning opportunity for your girls, too. x

  4. There is a lot to see right there at home, isn't there. I love that tiny snail, what an interesting find.