Sunday, 14 September 2014

Weekend Pleasures

Our weekend started very slowly yesterday. It's been Markie's first
full week in school and eventhough it was only for four hours each day
she was still quite tired. Lulu and I were tired too so we decided to just
 have a slow and easy day at home.

Both girls were still in their pajamas at 10 o'clock. They played a bit
but mostly just watched Cebeebies. There was no rush to get changed
and go out. It was nice and a very welcome change after all our rushing
to and fro during the week.

By mid morning I needed a cup of tea and toast. While I was
sat down enjoying my snack I did some blog reading which I always
enjoy. I also managed to book online a little weekend break for us at
the end of this month--something wonderful for us to look forward to.
 We're so thrilled and we're very very much looking forward to this
now. Just ten more days to go...

Lunch was burgers in brioche burger buns with cheese, mayo and
mustard with coleslaw on the side. So amazingly yummy, one (or two)
of our favourite weekend treats.

In the afternoon I got my sewing machine out and finished the
 cushion covers I started making last week. It's been awhile 
since I've used my sewing machine and it was good for us 
to get reacquainted. Hopefully soon I'll be able to do more sewing. 
I have a growing list of things I want to make so yes,
hopefully soon.

This morning after church, while my husband and the girls did
 a quick food shop, I went to the Sheffield Antiques Quarter's
Autumn Fair. There were many stalls, all full of retro, vintage and
antique goodies. There were also some craft stalls. It was a delight
to walk around and look at all the items on sale. As always there
were many things that I liked and wanted to buy but we're keeping
an eye on the pennies so I limited myself to only a few things,
all small, none of them expensive.

I left the fair feeling very pleased with my purchases. My husband
 and the girls had finished their supermarket run and we headed out
to Derbyshire. We stopped at the Longshaw Estate where we had a 
lovely walk. It was a bit cold and cloudy but we didn't really mind.
It was nice to be outdoors and have this time together.

After lunch at a nearby country pub we went home where we spent
the rest of the afternoon cooking, ironing work and school uniforms,
playing, making apple and rhubarb crumble-- the usual pottering
 about.  It's been another lovely Saturday and Sunday. We feel rested
 and relaxed and so grateful to have had some family time again.
We now look to the week ahead. There will be more new challenges,
new routines and we'll be tired again which makes me even
 more thankful that we've had this quiet and happy weekend.

Have a lovely week. See you soon!


  1. It looks like you had a lovely weekend, Marion. I love a slow, puttering kind of weekend, it's the best kind. I hope you have a wonderful week. :)

  2. What a happy-filled weekend! I can't wait to see what you bought at the market! X

  3. I love slow, relaxed weekends like that!

  4. What a great weekend, and an especially super Sunday! Looking forward to seeing your purchases from the Fair ....

  5. This is such a lovely post. Your weekend sounds perfect, just what you all needed after a busy week. The weekends are extra precious when you've had such a full week with school and work. x

  6. I hope school continues to go well. BigR had her first full day on Wednesday and although she's really taking it in her stride and is loving it I can tell it's a time of stress for her. what a lovely weekend you had :) love your notebook (I love a good notebook!!)...hope you enjoy your little break.

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