Monday, 27 March 2017

Raindrops on Roses - March

It's nearly the end of March, time to join in with Jo and list a few
of my favourite things this month:

My flowering cactus. It's only tiny but it has flowered four times over
the past year. There are always several buds emerging at the same time and it
takes over three or four weeks for them all to bloom, so I get to enjoy its dark
pink flowers for quite a long time. It's pretty low-maintenance too and this really
suits me because I'm not green-fingered at all. A sunny spot and a drop of water
occasionally (once a month over winter) and it's happy. So am I.

Sunshine. I like that the days are getting longer and we are getting more sunshine.
Last weekend was glorious and most of last week was sunny as well. I really enjoy
sitting outside when it's warm enough and the girls can spend most of the afternoons
after school playing in the garden. It's such a lovely change from being cooped up
indoors over most of the winter months. Today it's grey and a bit nippy again but
hopefully we'll have less and less of this sort of weather as the weeks progress.
I'm so ready for spring's mild, sunshiny days.

Flowers everywhere! I'm loving all the spring blooms - crocuses, daffodils, all of them.
It's the earth waking up from its winter sleep and smiling again. Just brilliant!

A visit to the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke-on-Trent. It was only a very short
stop, about an hour or so, but it was enough to wander around the courtyard, browse
at the gift shop and factory shop, and enjoy some Staffordshire oatcakes for lunch
at the café.

I like Emma's colourful and playful designs and it was great to see them showcased
 as well as the limited edition ones she had created for various special events and
occasions over the years.

I have to say though that my absolute favourite was the display along one wall of
the café of framed tea towels designed by her mother-in-law, Pat Albeck. If they
were selling replicas of these at the shops, I'd be first in the queue.

Sadly, we didn't have enough time to join the factory tour but I'm hoping that
we can go back at another time and visit there again, as well as the other pottery
factories around the area. It would be interesting to learn more about British pottery,
its history, and see how it's all made.

Another favourite this March is a radio play - Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte,
dramatized on Radio Four. The only book I've read of the Bronte sisters is Jane Eyre
but I enjoyed this so much, I've looked and found a copy of the novel and it's the next
 one I'll read after I've finished my current book The Trouble with Goats and Sheep
by Joanna Cannon. I've also found out today that there's a two-part series of one of
 Alexander McCall Smith's The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency stories, also on
Radio Four. It will be a great companion while I do the ironing this afternoon.

Those are some of my favourites this month, I'll see what April has to offer.
I hope you've had a good weekend and wishing you sunshine and good things
for the week ahead. See you soon!


  1. Every one of your favourites is lovely! Isn't it great when the children can play outside again without getting caked with mud? I love the sun warming my skin at this time of year. I'd be curious to hear what you think about the Joanna Cannon book, it is on my wish list. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your listening treats. x

  2. Thank you for joining in, you've got some great favourites this month. The Emma Bridgewater factory visit must have been interesting, it sounds like you enjoyed the time you spent there. I love that the clocks have gone forward now to give us more daylight at the end of the day, even better when the sun shines too.

  3. So many lovely things, what a pretty little cactus plant, I have quite a few though none ever flower. Beautiful flowers, spring really is in the air now xx

  4. What a nice post Marion! I agree about the display of tea towels in the EB factory, they are simply stunning. It is worth browsing eBay for Pat Albeck designs, as she has designed lots of things for the National Trust over the years and they do pop up there reasonably frequently X

    1. Thanks for the tip, Penny! I'll have a look over on Ebay. x

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  6. Radio 4 plays are an excellent accompaniment to the ironing I find!
    I remember those days when a box of chalk would keep my daughter busy in the garden on sunny days.
    Lucky you getting a quick stop off at EB, I hope you get to go again and have the tour this time it's somewhere I would love to visit.
    Lisa x

  7. So many lovely things, what a pretty little cactus plant, I have quite a few though none ever flower


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