Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Making in March

Hello, how are you? I hope you're well and March has started off all right for you.
 For today's post, I'd like to share with you the progress I've made with my two
ongoing projects. First off, my tapestry crochet.

I was only a few rows in when I last showed you this but it has now grown
and I'm actually not far off from finishing. I'm really pleased with how it's going.
I still have a lot to learn about this technique but I now feel quite confident with
the basics, including crocheting in reverse, and I think I'm ready to try new
patterns and designs.

I had a peek at the latest issue of Simply Crochet magazine while I was at the
supermarket and interestingly, they're featuring various colourwork techniques
including tapestry crochet. I think it's a fun skill to learn and it's great that it's getting
some attention. Hopefully more people will try it, too.

My other project is my Spring-themed cross stitch sampler. I've had to unpick and
change my motif for the letter 'S' - the dustpan and brush were supposed to be for
'Spring clean' but I was told they looked more like a comb and an upside down mirror
and they were not at all colourful like the other motifs, so they had to be replaced
with a pretty snowdrop. My two critics are happier with this and I have to admit,
so am I. And now that's done there's just one tiny motif left to stitch and then,
fingers crossed, it will be at the framers at the end of the week.  

So those are my two projects and I'm looking forward to having them both finished soon.

I haven't been around here much lately, it's been a busy old week with one thing after
another. Hopefully the rest of the week - and month- will be a little bit calmer, with less
mishaps and dramas. I'll be catching up with your blogs in the next few days -
take care and see you soon!


  1. Both of your projects are lovely Marion, bright and cheery. Enjoy the rest of your week, Katrina

  2. Thank you for sharing your progress with your lovely tapestry crochet and Spring Sampler. I love the idea of seasonal samplers. Yours looks so fresh and pretty, I so enjoy the spring colours coming to life at this time of year. Have a great weekend Marion X

  3. I love your new design with the pears, it'll look so pretty. Beautiful sampler xx

  4. Your tapestry crochet is lovely, it's something I've never heard of before, I'll have to investigate it. I do like your cross stitch sampler, you've done a great job and I had to chuckle at your two critics likening the dustpan and brush to a comb and upside down mirror, I'm sure they'll be much happier with the snowdrop.

  5. I really like your Spring sampler, I think it's lovely to have one for such a beautifully colourful season.
    Lisa x

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