Monday, 13 March 2017

Hello Spring!

I took these photos while out walking in Carr Wood last week. I really enjoyed
seeing all the early signs of spring - the first small buds poking through the ground,
fresh new leaves on tree branches, bright yellow flowers and snowdrops in bloom.
Little, wonderful things growing, bringing light and fresh new colours into every
corner of the woods. At home, I've re-potted some ready-grown primroses and tulips
 from the supermarket and tidied up a bit in the garden. I am dreaming of dahlias
for the summer but I'd be happy with geraniums and petunias again. I'm just glad
 that spring is finally getting here. Sunshine, flowers, mild weather - yes, please!

I hope you've had a good weekend. We didn't do anything new or exciting here,
just the usual things. Yesterday, while we were at my in-laws, it was sunny and
warm enough to sit outside and we did, with our coffees and cakes while the girls
ran around in the garden. It was really nice, a simple pleasure I'm looking
forward to enjoying more in the coming days and weeks.

Have a lovely Monday, see you soon!


  1. These are lovely photos. I look forward to sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee! I planted dahlia tubers yesterday, in pots. They need to remain indoors for a while yet but my hope is that once they are strong plants, the slugs will not eat them up. x

  2. Some lovely sunshine our way too. I got some gardening in this weekend. Good for the soul.

  3. Everyone I've spoken to seems particularly keen for Spring to arrive this year. Beautiful photos, I'm looking forward to seeing dahlias again too xx

  4. Lovely photos. I love this time of year when everything is bursting in to life. I couldn't believe how warm it was this weekend, we were walking around without coats, a welcome change from the dreary weather we've been having.

  5. What wonderful signs of spring you are spotting!

  6. What a fantastic spring day! Our weather has been so strange. Last week was warm and spring like, today snow and sleet. Glad I didn't put the snow boots away.

  7. Sitting outside, that's something I'm looking forward to doing. I try and sit in the park on my lunch break on work days but the weekends and some time after work will be splendid!
    Lisa x

  8. Beautiful pictures and it is lovely to see real signs of Spring now. The fresh greens and yellows really lift my spirits. Sounds like a happy family day enjoying the outdoors and I hope there will be many more in the weeks to come.

  9. Beautiful signs of spring Marion. I am looking forward to milder weather to sit outside with a cup of tea! X

  10. Beautiful! I love those tiny green buds and all so much, it's like they give you new energy, isn't it.
    Wonderful pictures.
    Have a nice day,

  11. Everyone I've spoken to seems particularly keen for Spring to arrive this year.