Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Tea Cosy

This is all about my new tea cosy. It's my latest finished project-
another tick in my things-to-make list. Hurray!

I've made tea cosies before- a couple to sell at craft fairs and another
two as presents- but this is the first time I've made one for my own use.
Until recently I've preferred tea bags to loose leaf tea. They're quicker,
easier, fuss-free. We have two tea pots in the house but we've seldom
used them. Then over the New Year I decided to use up this tin of loose leaf tea I was given ages ago and developed a real fondness for it.
They do taste better and I have come to enjoy the whole process of
making a 'proper pot' of tea. And in a funny way it feels to me like
 a more grown up way of making and consuming this favourite drink.
 So now that I'm a convert to loose leaf tea I use one of my tea pots
(the smaller of the two) everyday and it needs a little cosy to keep
it lovely and warm and so, of course, I just have it make it one.

I was going to crochet it but I couldn't decide which pattern
to pick- there are just so many brilliant ones out there!- and decided
to do it by sewing. I found my old pattern, adjusted the size a bit
and started cutting and sewing away. I wanted cherries to applique
on the outside and chose to make them using the crochet brooch
pattern from issue 43 of Mollie Makes. I love cherries, they're a
 favourite motif. I've added them before to other projects
 (you can see more here and here).

I'm really pleased with it. I like the combination of gingham, crochet
and little spots together. I'm glad I chose to make it this way.

It is also a treat to use. It's got the same waddling and backing material
that I've used for my patchwork blanket. It is thick and can keep
my tea pot warm for a long time-- a very cosy tea cosy!!

So that's my tea cosy. At the moment I'm making a couple of
pot holders for the kitchen. They'll take awhile to finish I think. We have
chicken pox in our house right now. Markie came home from school today with itchy spots that are unmistakably chicken pox so she's
off school for the rest of the week. I'll be busy giving cuddles and Calpol doses for the next few days. I doubt I'll have much time for sewing.
 We'll see. Anyway, thanks for stopping by here. I hope you're all having
a nice Tuesday evening. Have a lovely rest of the week!


  1. Your tea cosy is very cosy and lovely indeed! I really like the cherries too! I hope that your daughter(s) will be OK and well again very soon. xx

  2. I love your tea cosy! I have yet to try loose tea leaves, but have heard they are better tasting. There is a little shop downtown which sells some...at least I hope they still do. I must find out, or at least buy a tin of some! So sorry about your Markie, ugh. I had chicken pox twice, so not fun! I hope she doesn't go crazy with the itching, poor girl!

  3. It's beautiful! I love the fabric and the cherries are really cute :) You've made me want to drink loose tea again! I hope your daughter is better soon x

  4. Your tea cosy is lovely. Hope that your daughter gets well soon ~ chicken pox is not a very nice thing to have! :O)xx

  5. Your tea cosy is fab, Marion! I really like the cherries and that the inside lining is different to the yellow checks. Poor Markie, chicken pox is rotten. I hope she feels better soon xx

  6. Love your tea cosy. Chicken pox can make you feel so poorly - hope she's better soon (and not too itchy). xx

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