Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pancakes, kites and dragons

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday here in the UK and, as is tradition,
we made pancakes. My husband followed a Delia recipe but instead of lemon, which we didn't have, we used freshly squeezed orange juice
to sprinkle over the pancakes. We had them for breakfast and they were
 really nice. The girls, however, weren't too fussed about them; they'd
rather have toast. So us grown-ups ended up eating the rest of the pancakes which we didn't really mind doing.

We spent the morning at  Sheffield Manor Lodge, a local
heritage site. We've never been before and were pleasantly surprised
 by the whole place. There's a discovery centre, playground, farm,
cafe and artist studios, all built around the ruins of the grand manor house that was built by the Earl of Shrewsbury in the 16th century.
Before this the site used to be part of a medieval deer park. Mary,
Queen of Scots, was imprisoned here sometime in the 1500's.
It is interesting, educational and fun, a really good place to visit,
especially with kids.

The girls ran and played. It was the first time in days that we had
 weather this nice and we all enjoyed being out in the fresh air and
 sunshine. There were Chinese New Year half term craft activities
 at the centre and they both had a go at making paper kites as well as
  dragons out of empty egg boxes. They did really well. There was
a strong breeze going outside and they had a good run around
trying to fly their kites.

Pancakes, kites and dragons, all in a happy, sun-filled morning.
It's been a good half-term so far, and a good start to Lent for us.
I hope yours are going well too. Thank you for stopping here.
Have a lovely rest of the week!


  1. An egg box dragon is a great thing isn't it!! Sounds as though you are having a great week! xx

  2. That looks a great place to visit, Marion, I've bookmarked it and look at that blue sky! Wonderful. Thanks for the info on the cotton aran yarn, I am tempted to get some. I like aran as it works up quickly but not too chunky xx

  3. It certainly looks like you had a lovely day - the girls look like they are enjoying themselves. Oh what a shame that you had to eat the remaining pancakes, Enjoy the rest of your half term
    Caz xx

  4. What a lovely day out. Hope you enjoyed half term. Despite living on 30 odd miles from Sheffield and knowing the city well from Uni I've never been to Sheffield Manor Lodge. Looks a great place to take our girls xx

  5. Heritage, fresh air, views and a cafe. Sounds ideal.

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