Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snowy Sunday

We're having a very wintry Sunday here in Sheffield - we have snow!
It started snowing around tea time yesterday and continued til after midnight. It wasn't heavy but there's enough snow on the ground this morning to delight the girls and start me worrying. I don't like it when it
turns icy and we've got the school run tomorrow. My husband walked
to work today instead of driving but that's not really an option for taking
the girls to school. Hopefully all the snow would have thawed by then.
Setting aside my snow worries, I have to admit that this is a very good day for hot chocolate, board games, crochet and watching films snuggled under a blanket on the sofa. The girls spent nearly an hour playing outside earlier and it was great to see them having so much fun.
And it does look beautiful out there. It reminds me of a poem from
A First Book of Nature called 'Snow Song' :

Snow has covered up the dirt and muddle;
It's made the world look new and neat and clean.
You forget the other seasons and their colours;
For now, white seems more
Beautiful than green.

Just for today, though. Tomorrow I hope the usual browns and greens
outside will reappear and life will resume as normal. We're keeping
out fingers - and cosy toes - crossed! 

Have a lovely, warm, cosy Sunday day, everyone!


  1. It is supposed to snow here in the mountains...the sky looks threatening, but nothing yet :0) so cute to see their little footsies :D mari

  2. Oh yes, snow here too! It does look pretty but I hope it'll be gone for the school run tomorrow. The main roads will be ok, I'm sure. I hope you're all staying cosy :-) xx

  3. Your snow looks beautiful, we had some here today, but it is gone now. Hope that your roads and school run will be OK tomorrow. xx

  4. I remember when I lived in Sheffield it seemed to snow a lot in the winter and the roads were all open but totally chaotic. I cycled everywhere and remember going past many queues! I do hope you can make your journey safely tommorrow.

  5. Love the snow, we had some in Sussex, love the photo of little feet warming by the fire!, Have a good weekx

  6. Wow, you had a good amount of snow! We haven't had any, but I wasn't expecting it, now we're so near the sea. :-( I love the sound of your cosy Sunday and I hope your school run wasn't too slippery today. xx

  7. It all looks so warm and cozy at your house. I loved seeing the photos of the snow as well as the photos of snuggling together in the house!

  8. Lovely photos Marion and your girls look as if they had lots of fun playing on the snow.
    Marianne x

  9. I love the photos with the cosy toes! Snow is so much fun, isn't it? x

  10. It's lovely to see the girls playing outside in the snow isn't it? And then snuggling up in front of the fire. I do like your Home Sweet Home picture. I hope you had a safe journey into school on Monday. Amazingly we still have a little bit of snow left here in places.
    Caz xx

  11. What an adorable photo of those little ftoes getting toasty by the fire. I hope the snow stayed just long enough for the fun and didn't make things tricky for getting to school.
    Perfect cold days of games and reading and hot chocolate make very warm memories.
    Lisa x

  12. I cycled everywhere and remember going past many queues!