Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Skeletons, Hedgehogs and a Pop Up

It was a crazy, busy week around here last week. It was the end of
autumn term, lots of school stuff going on and then Saturday was
my husband's pop up restaurant at the city farm cafe. Exciting, scary
and very, very busy. I'm so glad we got through it all and now we have
 another week ahead of us and it's half-term. Yay! No school runs or homework, no plans really. We'll just take each day as it comes and 
see what we'll feel like doing. I'm really all for not doing much and
 taking it very easy this week.

But first a little look back at the best bits of last week. The quieter,
slower moments when I've had a chance to breath, enjoy and 
appreciate the simple, lovely things around me.

:::One morning while the girls were at school and nursery I made 
double chocolate cookies. I do enjoy my time alone at home now.
There is always housework to do but there's also a fair bit of making
and pottering which, for me, is always a pleasant way to spend a morning or afternoon at home.

:::I made a skeleton costume for Markie. Well, the bottom half of it.
After pirates and mini beasts last school year, it's all about skeletons
this time and as usual the term ended with a special dress up day.

I found a glow-in-the-dark skeleton t-shirt and got her plain black
leggings which I appliqued with felt bone shapes. I know I could have
just bought a ready made Halloween outfit from the shops but I do
like making these things. I enjoyed stitching those appliques and
there's always the extra joy when she likes what I've made her and
she did!

:::It was also Arts Week and Lulu was keen to show me what she had
made at school. Cue a walk outside to gather some leaves and doing
 my best hedgehog drawing. Then there was gluing and sticking
and a bit of colouring in.

 Ta dah! Lulu's autumn-inspired artwork. It was fun and easy and kept
her occupied for awhile. Love a pink faced, leaf covered hedgehog,
don't you?!

:::Thursday morning my husband and I went for a walk at Yorkshire Sculpture Park after dropping the girls off at school. It was lovely to
see the park at this time of year and also to have that time together.

We talked about Saturday and all the stuff we had to do to get everything
ready. There was A LOT to do but talking things through and making
lists helped us get our heads round everything and made it all just
a little bit less daunting. It was a lovely autumn morning to be
outdoors and I'm glad we went there for our walk.

:::I had a good play with washi tapes and these bottles on Friday afternoon followed by some flower arranging.

Someone once said flowers are sort of like a smile and it's true.
Add to that some washi tapes and I was in colour-filled bliss for
about an hour. These were our table decorations and it was a job
I was pleased to do and would certainly love to do again next time.

:::After lots and lots of organizing and preparing, our pop up restaurant
adventure finally happened on Saturday night and I am so pleased to say that it was a success! Hurray!

This really was my husband's idea and it's what he'd love to do
as a job one day. Neither of us has done anything like this before
and it was very stressful and scary but I'm glad we've done it.  We've learned a lot from the experience. We're also lucky to have found a venue at the farm cafe and people who've been supportive from the start.
They've already invited us back and we're already planning for the
next evening in November. Our hope has always been to make this
into a monthly event and it looks like it is going to happen. Yay!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my crocheted
bear. I haven't started on the new one yet, still can't decide over
a cat or a fox.

 Hope your weekend was fun and half term is going well.
Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Lulu's hedgehog is adorable. Wow, a pop-up restaurant, so exiting. I am full of admiration, I have very little catering experience and the little I have demonstrated to me how much hard work it is! I am glad it was successful. xx

  2. I love the hedgehog! I hope that the skeleton costume will be a great success. How wonderful to have a pop up restaurant! I hope that you really enjoyed it and that it was a great experience with lots of knowledge gained! Good luck with your future ventures! xx

  3. I'm so glad the restaurant endeavor was a success. Congratulations! I hope it can happen again soon. It looks like you've had a nice, busy time lately. I really love the hedgehog and the bottles with washi tape, great crafty ideas. I hope you're having a good week, marion. :)

  4. I do miss doing such fun crafts with the children, maybe I can convince my daughter to make a hedgehog if I plead with her!
    Very many congrats on your successful restaurant evening, how exciting for you both, long may it continue.
    Lisa x

  5. I have just found your blog, it's lovely! I shall be back to read some more posts.

  6. Such a lovely post, the cookies look yum! good luck with the Halloween costumes

  7. A pop up restaurant? That's crazy! Good crazy! How exciting!! I'm so glad it went well. Our costume making is extremely low effort this year, thank goodness. Hedgehog is adorable.

  8. Wow, well done to you and your husband on your pop up restaurant, and well done for following your dreams! I wish you every success. The hedgehog is such a simple idea but so effective,how lovely that Lulu wanted to show you what she had been making at school. Hope you have had a quiet week
    Caz xx

  9. I love that hedgehog. I wish I still lived in West Yorkshire, I'd definitely be visiting your next pop-up restaurant adventure.