Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Crocheted Rug

Hello. I hope it's been a good weekend for you all. Thank you for
stopping by here and for all your well wishes this week. My knee is healing and I'm feeling so much better. The new antibiotics seemed
to have done the trick. Lulu is recovering too and is back to her usual
chirpy self which is just wonderful. However now it's Markie who's
got the 'tummy bug' that her sister had. I was hoping she'll avoid it
but no such luck. She'd spent most of today curled up under a blanket
 on the sofa but she's looking better this evening so we're keeping
our fingers crossed.

Anyway, I said in my last post that I'll show you the rug I've made
 for their bed room so that's what I'll do here and I'll tell you all about it.

I started off a few weeks ago with this big ball of yellow fabric yarn
and a size ten crochet hook. It didn't take very long for the rug to
grow and take shape but then I ran our of yarn and had to order for
more. It was finally finished last week and we're all happy with it.
Now there's a little more colour and warmth on that bare space
next to their bunk beds and it feels much nicer especially when
 they're playing on the floor.

I've never used both yarn and hook this big before and it took
me awhile to get used to them. I've had to rest every now and
again otherwise my fingers and shoulders ached if I worked on it
for long periods but I'm quite happy with the fabric yarn. It's soft, 
didn't have many knots and the colours were even throughout. 

I got the idea and pattern for this from Mollie Makes issue 51
though I changed yarn colours in a slightly different way. I initially
wanted dark pink for the outer rounds but it was not available and
the pale pink is so pale it's almost white. Lulu suggested orange,
confidently assuring me that "it' s a good colour, Mummy" and
she's right. It's bright and cheerful and all three colours go well
together. I think next time I'm stuck for ideas I should just ask her!

So that's it, my latest finished project. Thank you again for your
visits here and for your comments. Hopefully Markie gets much
much better tomorrow. Take care and have a good week!


  1. I do like this rug a lot. Lulu is right, orange is a good colour. A happy colour. Glad you knee is getting better. Keeping my fingers crossed for Markie to feel better tomorrow xx

  2. She's so cute!!! And, good with colors, the rug really is wonderful, bet you're glad to be done! Emma likes the middle, she says it looks like popcorn, haha.

  3. That's so lovely, really great idea! love the coloursxx

  4. Very glad to hear your knee is getting better. I had the same thing once, and needed antibiotics too, very painful. The rug is beautiful! So suitable for a girly room, the colours are lovely together. X

  5. Your rug is fantastic and so is Lulu's colour choice!! I am glad that hear that you and Lulu are on the mend, I hope that Markie will soon be alright again and that your husband doesn't come down with anything! Keep taking care of yourselves. xx

  6. What a cute rug ... Lulu is cute as a button!

  7. Your rug is lovely, Marion. I really like the colors. Lulu did a fabulous job and she looks so sweet sitting on her special new rug. I'm just catching up on your recent posts and I'm sorry to hear about your knee. It sounds very painful. I hope you're feeling back to normal very soon. Take care and have a good week.

  8. I'm glad your knee is better, and I hope Markie feels better soon too. I love the rug it looks amazing!! Look after yourself x

  9. I'm glad to hear your knee is getting better and I hope Markie recovers soon. The rug looks great, good colour choices, well done Lulu! xx

  10. A lovely rug and addition to any room :)