Friday, 23 January 2015

Five on Friday

Today's post is about food that my husband loves to cook and that
everyone in our family enjoys. I've chosen five that he's made for us
this past week, all firm family favourites. I'm always grateful that
 I'm married to a man who can cook. He's happy when he's in
our little kitchen, listening to sports on the radio, preparing,
simmering, cooking, making delicious meals for his family.
 We're so lucky, the girls and I. He does this for us everyday and
even better, he doesn't mind washing up too!

So here are the chosen five:

1. Pea, parsley and mint risotto, topped with pancetta

My husband's risottos are always great. All the ingredients for
this, save for the pancetta, we already had at home. He's good
at this too- making use of what's available at home and not
wasting much.

2. Grilled lamb with salsa verde, roast potatoes and braised peas

The girls had roast chicken instead of lamb. They enjoyed theirs, we
enjoyed ours too.

3. Tuscan style sausage pasta

Hearty, meaty and always tastes good.

4. Mushroom risotto with pancetta

Yes, we always love some pancetta. And we also love rice
in our house, either in risottos or the plain boiled jasmine
rice we usually have with Filipino dishes.

5. Chocolate Nemesis

He made this for dessert last week. It's like baked chocolate mousse,
very rich, dark, scrumptious and irresistible.

Those are my five this Friday. Thanks, as always, to Amy for
organising this.


I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day
to enjoy five things. Please go and visit the other people who are
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Wishing you all a warm and lovely weekend!


  1. These meals look yum, and budget friendly too. That chocolate nemesis looks to die for. Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Those meals look lovely. Lucky you! My husband is just starting to get interested in cooking so hopefully this time next year he will be doing the same for me! x

  3. Well you are lucky and he seems both inventive and as previous comment mentioned budget friendly too. My husband lives to cook but comes home in week nights too late, however he does all the cooking at weekends. Love men that cook ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, so delicious!!! How wonderful to have five such delicious meals. I love risotto, so those look especially good to me!! A great five meals. Thank you for taking part! xx

  5. You are ever so lucky to be married to someone who cooks! And from the looks of your pictures he is very talented. It's nice to be joining you for Five on Friday!

  6. all these meals looking delicious,my favorite is the baked chocolate mousse!!
    wish you a wonderful weekend,

  7. I quite fancy stopping by for dinner one day! Risotto is one of my all time favourites but I am the only one who really likes it here. I am also lucky to have a man who cooks! We are blessed indeed. x

  8. Oh my word, I am drooling! My husband also loves to cook, but not every night. Risottos, pancetta and pasta also feature very regularly in our weekly meals. x

  9. So delicious! I am such a foodie, but my family is so picky that I rarely can try anything new and tasty! I am totally jealous that you get to eat this good food all the time-- YUMM!!!!

  10. Wow I'm really hungry after ogling all that yummy food! it all looks delicious :) I'm a big risotto fan too :)

  11. Making me hungry. Nice to be doing Five on friday with you. x

  12. I would happily eat any of those dishes, Marion, and all the better if someone else cooked them! I do like cooking and all, but can really appreciate it when someone else takes the trouble. What a lovely hubby you have! Wishing you a super week ahead :-) xx

  13. Lucky you! He sounds like a great cook and his meals look delicious.

  14. Great post Marion with some lovely photos. Oh how I wish my husband would love to cook. He just isn't interested although now he's retired maybe he'll turn his hand to it. Your dishes look delicious. I particularly like the idea of risotto with crispy pancetta on top. P x

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