Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Midweek Joys

Daffodils in bloom......

...........home baked lemon and almond cake....

........brief but wonderful moments of blue skies and sunshine on a cold
and stormy day.....

..........the sweet, lemony scent of a lit candle...

.......a new stitchy project.

We've had wild, stormy weather again today and it has been snowing
here this evening. Not a great day weather-wise, but there were small,
simple things that have made me happy and I'm feeling grateful.
I really hope the snow won't be too heavy. Sheffield hills and snow
don't go well together, not fun at all when you need to drive or even
just walk outside. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

I hope you've had some happy things too this Wednesday.
Have a warm and lovely evening!


  1. Such joyful photos! I am wrapped up in blankets and wearing my hat, the heating doesn't seem to warm me up tonight. Lots of snow. Have a lovely rest of the week. x

  2. Fantastic pics Marion! Can't wait to see what you make! X

  3. What great pictures, I love the colours of your yarn so joyful!xx

  4. Fantasic photos Marion. Your daffodills are gorgeous, my mouth is watering at your scrumptious cake.
    and oh my word blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

    Stay cosy and warm.


  5. Such lovely moments to have recorded. I hope that all is well with you in this cold weather. xx

  6. Lovely simple things. I do like daffodils, it means spring is on the way! Lemon and almond cake looks good xx

  7. I love daffodils and haven't bought any yet this year. I think I must buy some soon, I love them. The lemon and almond cake sounds divine. x

  8. Love the sound of that lemon and almond cake! Yum.
    Marianne x

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