Saturday, 10 January 2015

Staying in

We've had stormy weather here all through the night and even
now it's still pretty wild out there. There's rain but mostly it's
 howling, gale force winds. Such a terrible sound! It's not dissimilar
to the horrible typhoons we have back home. I'm just glad it's
the weekend and I'm at home with the girls. My husband had
to go to work but it's a shorter shift today so hopefully he'll be
 back by mid afternoon. 

It's really a day for staying in and keeping cosy. We'll probably
spend most of it watching a DVD or two, and maybe a little bit
 of crafting. I'm still working on my pot holder. I'm doing
 the embroidery at the moment and it's going well so far.
 Once this is done the finishing line will be in sight - hopefully!

Saturday is when we clean our pet hamster's cage so we'll
do that too. Here he is eating his breakfast. We call him Sir Stan,
short for Sir Stanley Matthews (my husband is a big Stoke City FC
fan!). Santa brought him for the girls last Christmas. He's cute,
nosey, fun and playful. We all adore him.

The other day Lulu and I made Millionaires Shortbread.
Well, it's the easy version; we used ready made milk caramel.

Have you ever tried it? We were given a jar of this milk caramel
 for Christmas. It's gooey and sweet and tastes wonderful.
We're told it's great for pouring over vanilla ice cream. We haven't
tried that yet, but I might add a bit of it to my porridge tomorrow.
I know, very naughty.

It was great for the Millionaires Shortbread. It certainly made
the job easier and we have a lovely treat for our snacks later.

So that will be our day. The girls are excited to watch Lady and
 the Tramp again. I'm looking forward to my crochet. I think it's nice to
 be able stay in today and I'm glad that we can do just that.

 I hope you're all having a good start to the weekend.
Stay warm, safe and cosy. See you soon!


  1. It looks like you've had a perfect cozy day with the girls. I hope your husband is home by now and that you're all cozy and warm together.

  2. I love Millionaires shortbread! I think we call it caramel shortcake up here. I have never made it! It is stormy and miserable here, too, but I quite like walking the dog even on such days. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh the wind has been horrendous!! It woke us up in the night, so noisy.. It eased off later and I did pop out for a bit. That caramel does look naughty, I love Millionaires shortbread. I hope you had a nice cosy day with your girls xx

  4. What a perfectly lovely day! I just bought a jar of what I think is the same caramel, it is good to know that it is good to eat!! I hope that the weather is kinder to you today, it was still very windy here yesterday, but seems a lot calmer today and I can see scraps of blue sky through the window. I hope that you are having the same! xx

  5. Yes, definitely a day for staying tucked up warm inside. How funny, I have made millionaire shortbread today. It's ages since I've made it, the children were very happy to see me making it! Have a good week
    Caz xx

  6. Hello Marion, a perfetly brilliant day, cosy and warm and doing what you like. Your Millionaires Shortbread looks so mouthwatering.


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