Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Markie's Scarf

This is Markie's finished scarf. I actually finished making it
weeks ago but just haven't had the chance to share it here.
It's similar to the scarf I made for her sister. It is knitted in
stocking stitch using Drops Merino Extra Fine (DK) yarn and 
to add a bit of colour I cross stitched these butterfly and
 star motifs.*

This was one of those projects that took longer to make
than expected. I was so pleased when it's finally finished.
I just wish I'd chosen a smaller butterfly motif but Markie
doesn't mind it which is good. It does feel nice and soft
 and she likes wearing it which makes me happy. Here she is
 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park wearing her Mummy-made scarf.

As always I'm glad and grateful to be able to make my girls
 even just little things that will help keep them cosy and warm
 especially in this wintry weather we're having this week.
It has suddenly gotten very cold these past few days - 
winter is really here now!

Hope you're all keeping nice and cosy at home tonight.
Have a lovely evening everyone!

*Both motifs are from Sweet Stitches from the Heart.


  1. I love Markie's scarf! It turned out beautifully. I've really started to appreciate cross-stitch on crochet lately, I think it's very pretty and a great way to add a sweet little design. Well done!

  2. I love the scarf and it was obviously very well received!! xx

  3. You did a wonderful job with the scarf!!! X

  4. It looks great and Markie looks very cosy in it! x

  5. What a beautiful scarf and the cross stitch motifs are so pretty. Markie looks really sweet wearing it too.
    Marianne x