Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Reindeer Christmas Cards

Last weekend my girls and I tried our hand at making
Christmas cards. When I say tried our hand, I mean it literally -
we used thumbprints to make festive little reindeers!

I got the idea for this from here.  First I helped the girls make
thumbprints on plain white cards. We didn't have any brown ink
so we just used whatever we've got at home which was orange! 
 It was very exciting. We've never done finger painting before and
 it was a bit messy at the start but we soon found a way
to make neater prints and it was so much fun.

After the ink had dried we added red paper dots for reindeers'
noses. Again we just used whatever material we have available.
Little red buttons and tiny red pompoms will work perfectly too.

Then it was time for me to draw the eyes, ears, heads and antlers and
 stamp a festive greeting and we have our reindeer Christmas cards!

It was great fun making them and the girls are so proud
of their handiwork. Markie is excited to give them to her friends
 and teachers in school and I've posted some to friends and
family already. I'm looking forward to making more cards
with them this weekend. I love us making things and being
creative together especially this Advent. Being able to involve
them in our festive preparations is wonderful, making this
time before Christmas special and meaningful for our little family.

I hope all your Christmas makings and preparations
are going well. Have a lovely week!


  1. These are sooooo wonderful!!!! I love them! Might steel the idea!

  2. They're adorable, Marion! I love this idea. The reindeer have such sweet little faces. I think they came out really well.

  3. Ah they're so cute! The girls must be very proud of their handiwork :-) xx

  4. Ha, ha - they are great Marion. They really made me smile - they will be heading off to some very lucky recipients!
    Caz xx

  5. They are so cute and will be loved by all the recipients I am sure and I am sure that you had masses of fun making them too. What could be better than that!!! xx

  6. Gah! They are FANTASTIC!!! I think I may do the same! The kids would have so much fun, and they still look so nice - huge bonus!

  7. Such pretty cards! I'm sure everyone who receives one will be delighted, I agree, Christmas crafting with children is just lovely.
    Marianne x

  8. Such a great idea. I've been thinking about letting the girls do some finger printing and turning them into strings of baubles for cards (obviously not my own idea...but seen on the interwebs somewhere!!). My eldest is just at the right age to follow instruction and enjoy this...more difficult with my littlest who likes to do things her own way :-) I'd be delighted to receive these! xx