Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer Days


Blue skies and sunny days...daisies,strawberries and ice creams...
...mornings at the park....colourful flowers in bloom...skirts and
sandals....playing and exploring in the evening sunshine..

These are just some of the many things we're loving about summer.

What are your favourite summer things?


  1. I love your yellow sandals! We are enjoying the first of our blueberries, my brother and his family up from Utah, the long, sunny days with beautiful sunsets at the end. My heart melts every time one of my kids runs to us, imploring us to check out how beautiful the sky is at night.

  2. I like my summers lazy :-) I do love your yellow sandals, they are just my kind of footwear. Happy summer days. x

  3. The yellow sandles are great, so summery and cheery. Enjoy your long summer days, july was always my favourite month in the uk :)

  4. Beautiful photo's! Your yellow sandals are so summery and cheerful! X

  5. Fabulous, it's been so nice this week, hasn't it? I love summer but especially feeling warm, not cold, as usual!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love paddling in the sea in summer, I wish we were a bit closer. I love the sandals too :) x

  7. Wonderful blue skies and I love the red basket full of strawberries. The weather is lovely isn't it? Enjoy.
    Caz xx.

  8. Lovely, happy, family times, Marion. Your pics are wonderful. x

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