Thursday, 12 November 2015

Winter Project Update

Joining in again with Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party.

My crochet blanket here which I started making sometime in September
has grown over the past month. I think it's now twice as long since my
last link up post. I'm quite surprised actually but also very pleased about this. It's still very much in the making process but at least it's growing
despite the other projects that have lately been occupying most of my
crafting time.

A few weeks ago I couldn't resist making this crochet bear bag
which was a hit with my girls and of course I had to make another one.
 I've chosen a fox this time and I've made all the bag pieces now. They're just waiting to be sewn together and the handle made and it's done.

I've also started making gifts for Christmas. This one's
for my mother-in-law. I'll show you the finished item soon.

Also for my mother-in-law, a crocheted cowl. Well, hopefully. I'm still
not sure about the pattern so I'll see how how this goes. I also have
 a bunting to make for a friend's baby and maybe crocheted slippers
 for my girls

With all these it does look like I won't be able to make as much progress with my blanket in the coming weeks with me even busier with present making. But I'll try and pick it up whenever I can. I have a feeling it will
be my little refuge when all the festive making, decorating and other goings on get a bit too much. A cup of tea, quiet time in a corner with
 my that's a happy thought!

Hope it's been a good week for you all. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Your blanket's coming on a treat, such gorgeous colours. It's that time of year when things are put on a back burner whilst gifts are made, it's the same here, though I think I've left some things a little late this year so I probably won't get everything done that I want to.

  2. I love your blanket, sometimes rows is the way to relax instead of gifts so it is good to have it in the background. Jo

  3. So many beautiful things! Your blanket looks great and your fox bag is going to be really fabulous!! Hope that you enjoy all of your making. xx

  4. Your blanket is just gorgeous. Isn't it wonderful to still love the color combo when it's that far along? You're a busy lady, I look forward to seeing all the finished works!

  5. Love the blanket. Great colours. I'd really like to know about your crochet sock pattern. I really want to make socks & had decided I'd have to knit some. But I'd much prefer to crochet some. If you're able to share & comment on the pattern, that'd be great.

    1. Hi Katharine! I'm planning to make crochet pom-pom slippers for my girls. There's a pattern in the latest Inside Crochet magazine that I'd like to try. I haven't bought a copy yet though. Marianne at Ladybird Diaries have made these slippers if you'd like to have a look. X

  6. Good progress on the blanket, Marion, is it a cottony yarn you're using? I hope the gift making goes well. I'm making a shawl as a present, will share it soon. xx

  7. Hi Marion, thanks for joining in with link party! Your blanket is SO pretty. I love the colors and the stitch pattern. It's just beautiful. I love the look of your other projects too. I can't wait to see the next purse! I hope you have a good weekend, take care.

  8. They are lovely projects. Crochet is so much quicker than knitting but I have never mastered it.

  9. You are busy Marion - I do love the colours of your blanket.
    Caz xx

  10. Such lovely pictures!! I love the blanket it's beautiful - the colours are stunning :) looking forward to seeing the other projects too :) xx

  11. I like the burst of blue in your blanket.
    The soft grey yarn for the cowl is such a lovely muted shade, it will match so many other clothes so will get worn lots I'm sure.
    Looking forward to see Mr Fox!
    Lisa x

  12. Beautiful. I love your colour choice. I think the stitch is so pretty gives a great texture. I am visiting from Jennifer's linky very nice to meet you and your fab work

  13. oh by the way I have made your autumnal apple cake , using pears its was delicious. thank you