Thursday, 7 January 2016

Winter Projects

My crochet blanket, which is my big project this winter, is still
a work in progress. I picked it up again after Christmas, after all
the festive bustle had calmed down and added three more rows
of colours.  I was working on a white row when I ran out of yarn and
so it had to go back to its basket while I waited to get some more.

The yarn stash has been replenished but the blanket remains
 folded away on top of the basket (shown here being held up by Lulu) because I'm currently distracted by another project.

I have been planning to start on this particular project after
the New Year and the couple of days when I didn't have the right
yarn for the blanket gave me the chance to do so.

As you can see it's a cushion cover with big, bright colours which
I love. The making hasn't been so straightforward though. I realized
as I crocheted the first petal that the finished cushion might be a
bit too big. I looked at the pattern again and sure enough it says
21 inches across. It is too big! So I've had to unravel most of it and
start again. I've had to adjust the pattern and it's taken me awhile
 to figure it out. I've written it all down in my note book and that's
been a great help. That and stitch markers. I'd be lost without them.

Once I've made all the petals I'll take a break from this and go back
 to my blanket which is just perfect timing because the weather's
going to turn much colder next week. It's now long enough to cover my
lap and drape down my legs. So it might still be a work in progress,
but it's already quite useful- the perfect winter project!

I'm joining in with Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party.
Have a lovely Thursday evening!


  1. This cushion is fantastic, I love it. I wonder if it could be made into a square? Blankets take a while, a row at the time, perfect I think. x

  2. Hi Marion, thanks for joining in with my link party. I love the cushion cover, how pretty and cheerful! It's going to be lovely. I can't wait to see more, and more of your blanket too. I hope you're having a good week.

  3. It is going to be fabulous! The cushion that is. The blanket already is! Enjoy your crocheting. xx

  4. That cushion is adorable, I look forward to seeing your progress!!

  5. What a stunning cushion! It will be perfect for spring :) And looking forward to seeing more of the goregous blanket of course xx

  6. Your daughter is such a sweetie.
    I love your new make, it's going to be the perfect spring time addition to your home.
    Lisa x

  7. What a lovely cushion that is going to make. Well done for altering the pattern I make notes on random bits of paper maybe I ought to use a notebook too then I wouldn't end up throwing them away!

  8. I'm glad to hear that the blanket is already being pressed into service although not completed yet! And the cushion cover is brill, so colourful xx

  9. Oh I love the cushion it's going to be fantastic. Gorgeous colours in the blanket too.
    Marianne x

  10. The cushion is going to look great, a super pattern. Lovely photo of your daughter.
    Caz xx

  11. Hi Marion! Thanks for posting so that I can admire your pretty work :) I have several projects on the go and hope to make more progress on the blanket I am knitting since the weather is cool and wet in the USA Pacific Northwest. It is the perfect weather to hunker under a blanket while you are crocheting or knitting it! Cheering you on to your goals, xx

  12. That's a really pretty pattern for a cushion cover. It's going to be so colourful and cheery. x