Thursday, 8 December 2016

Snowmen Christmas Cards

The girls and I like to make our own Christmas cards. It is always great fun.
We made reindeer Christmas cards  back in 2014 and last year's had cute
 little red robins. For 2016 we have some merry-looking, fun loving snowmen.

We made the previous years' cards with finger prints and finger painting but to create
the round shapes for the snowmen's bodies, we decided to try using wine corks.
We dipped them in acrylic paint and used them like stamps. A smaller cork was for the
head, the bigger one for the body. They didn't make perfect circles but they were
 near enough and that was fine.

Once the paint have dried - we had to leave them overnight - it was time to draw
and decorate. This was the bit we enjoyed most. We took turns drawing faces and
carrot noses, and various accessories and headgear. We drew neck ties, bow ties,
scarves and necklaces; bobble hats, ear muffs, summer hats with flowers and
panama hats. To our delight, they're not all snow men - there are snow ladies, too!

To finish off, I used alphabet stamps with black and red ink. 

We are mighty pleased with these. Every snowman and snow lady look different
and they all have so much personality with their big smiles and cheeky grins. And this
  was a real team effort. I helped Lulu a bit but she did her fair share of decorating and
she drew the most flamboyant hats. Markie was happy to do everything by herself.
Both of them did a fantastic job.

We're looking forward to giving our cards to family as well as to friends and
teachers at school. As always, I love crafting and making with my girls and I love
that our card making is now becoming a little festive tradition in our family.
I wonder what funny little design we'll have in our Christmas cards next year!

I hope you're all well. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I bet everyone who receives one of these cards will be thrilled to bits. The snowmen and ladies look so jolly. The girls have done a magnificent job and some happy memories were also created.
    Lisa x

  2. They are adorable!! I am sure that the recipients will love them!

  3. I am so amazed at all the great crafts you and your girls accomplish. The cards are so cute and it must have been so much fun making them. Have a lovely weekend, Lisa

  4. I absolutely love these. I think a hand made card, especially when made by children, is so special and personal too. I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled to bits when they receive them.

  5. I think a hand made card, especially when made by children, is so special and personal too.