Friday, 13 January 2017

Crocheted Buggy Blanket

This is the baby blanket I was working on over the holidays. I didn't manage to
finish it before Christmas as I was hoping to but I think I knew that when I started.
There were just so many things going on in the run up to Christmas and crochet time
was a bit limited. It's now going to be a very, very late Christmas present for our
friends' baby boy. Still, better late than never.

The blanket measures about 22in x 24inches, just the right size I hope for when
he's in his car seat or buggy. It's worked in suzette stitch which is currently my
favourite crochet stitch and all the yarn I used is Drops Muskat (DK). I was going
to finish it off with pom poms on all the corners but it turned out that mercerized
cotton yarn is not great for creating lovely, fluffy pom poms. I had to give up after
a few tries. So it's just a simple, no frills sort of blanket but fingers crossed it feels
nice and cosy and it will help keep baby warm especially this winter.

Speaking of which, I hope you haven't been badly affected by the snow and wintry
weather we're currently having. Stay safe, warm and cosy. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Lovely blanket, it is a pretty stitch isn't it. Glad you're not being snowed in, we're fine here too, just a few flakes first thing which have been washed away xx

  2. What a lovely blanket! Great colours and a very pretty stitch too. I am sure it will be loved and well used!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colours:) I'm going to have to look that stitch up, it's a stunner! Not much snow in the east mids but cold - hope you're keeping warm! X

  4. What a very special gift, i am sure it will be treasured. Very strong yet unusual colours, and a striking stitch. Looks so cosy and colourful X

  5. What a lovely gift. I love the texture made by the stitch. I'm sure parents and baby will love it. Most of the snow has gone from the town now, still lots on the hills. We're back to rain and fog here.

  6. How lovely. I think the colours look fabulous together and I like that stitch, it's one I don't know so I'll have to look it up. We had a small amount of snow but it didn't last long, thank goodness. Back to dull, drizzly weather again today.

  7. This is a lovely blanket Marion. I have never heard of Suzette stitch but I am not surprised it is your favourite, it is a beautiful stitch. I wonder if you could make the pompons as usual and then run them through a gentle wash to unravel the mercerised cotton a little. Just a random thought! x

  8. The true blue and mustard combination are lovely.
    Lots of snuggly times ahead for that little ne.
    Lisa x