Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Weekend Things

These are some of my favourite moments from last weekend. We didn't do anything
exciting or unusual, just the usual weekend things - chores, errands, homework. A walk
on Saturday afternoon and church on Sunday morning. I got a lot of things done but
I also had time to read my book, enjoy a cup of tea, listen to the radio. It was really nice.

There's a dramatization of the second of the Neopolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante
on Radio 4 and I listened to the first episode on Sunday. I've recently discovered
radio plays and I now find myself tuning in more and more often to Radio 4 instead of
Radio 2 especially now there's also the new Little Women serial on weekday mornings.
Sorry, Ken Bruce.

I'm cross stitching on linen for the first time. It is slow going; I'm still getting
used to working every stitch over two threads. Sometimes I miss the clear blocks
of aida fabric but I like how the stitches look so far and it is starting to get easier.
I'll keep going and show you more of it next time.

I hope you've all had a good start to the week.  Thank you for all your comments
on my crocheted buggy blanket. I'm glad you like it. I wasn't too sure about the
colours when I first started the project. I did a lot of toing and froing over stripes
and colour combinations but in the end just picked out the ones I liked from the
whole range. They seem to work together - phew! And thank you Christina
for the pom pom idea. I'll try it next time!


  1. I really enjoy this type of post, hearing about how others enjoy their weekends, or week days is always interesting. Must look out for the serialisation of 'Little Women' on Radio 4 X

  2. Sounds like a wonderful January weekend to me. I love Radio 4 and having the listen again feature on line is wonderful when you miss an episode of something you've been following.
    Lisa x

  3. I like weekends like that, no rushing about but still busy going about your normal day to day things. I found it quite hard to get used to stitching on linen after aida but I've got used to it in time.

  4. Lovely pics - I love that blue sky! And the linen cross stitch looks great, I have wanted to try it for ages but not quite worked up the courage :) xx

  5. I know I'm a little late in commenting but I do love weekends like this. They are just perfect. I hope this weekend was another pleasant one.