Friday, 3 February 2017

Raindrops on Roses - January

I enjoyed reading Jo's post last week about her favourite things. It made me think
of the things I liked and enjoyed best throughout January and I thought I'd share
some of them here with you.

My morning walks. I wouldn't have considered walking on cold, grey January
mornings as particularly enjoyable a year ago but as I've mentioned in my previous
post, it's a great way to start the day, I get some exercise, and it's been a brilliant
tonic for the post-holiday winter blues.

Our walk around Chatsworth last week

Aside from my weekday morning walks, I've also enjoyed being outdoors
with the girls on weekends. We've been exploring the woods near our house,
finding something new and different every weekend. Lately we've seen green shoots
starting to show through the frosty ground. In the coming weeks and months
we'll get to see Spring unfold in and around the woods on these weekend walks.
I'm particularly looking forward to crocuses and daffodils blooming. There might
even be bluebells down there, that would be fantastic.

Crumpets. I used to love crumpets then I went off them for awhile but now
I'm loving them again. I toast them and use lots (and lots!) of salted butter. With
a cup of tea, they're perfectly yum!

Daffodils.  I like this time when you can buy bunches of daffs in supermarkets.
They are bright and cheery and I love the burst of colour they bring especially to dark
winter days. They also remind me of Springtime and that it's just around the corner-
what a happy thought.

Hot chocolate Filipino style. Traditional hot chocolate in the Philippines is made
from native cacao and comes in tablets which are melted in hot milk. A friend gave
me two packs of these chocolate tablets for Christmas and I've been making myself
hot chocolate drinks with them. It is very thick and it is to be spooned, rather than
drunk, from a cup. I have found that they are excellent for dunking strips of toasted
chocolate brioche. But making it, the melting and stirring, takes awhile and can
be a faff, so it's even more of a treat when I have them.

Stitching. I've written about this  here - this is a slow, relaxing and
enjoyable project. I love seeing the motifs take shape with the colours
I've chosen and how it's all coming together. Fingers crossed it will turn
out real nice.

Radio plays. The dramas and stories I've been listening to on Radio 4 are
fantastic - from The Story of a Name and Little Women to The Bird Tribunal
and the biography of Thomas Telford. I'm also now avidly listening to other
programmes like the comedy and quiz shows. I'm often laughing but also
learning at the same time, and also moved by the human stories. It's been
a very good discovery, Radio 4.

So those were some of my favourite last month - I now wonder what February
has in store for me!

I'm hoping to spend time visiting blogs this weekend so see you soon!
I'm leaving you with more photos of the fog.  These were from last Monday
morning walk. Enjoy!


  1. Your January sounds blissful Marion. I am always disappointed with hot chocolates and was very interested to read about Filipino hot chocolate. I am going to google it and buy some right now. You'd love my front garden, it is full of yellow crocuses and snowdrops. Enjoy February. x

  2. We share a lot of favourites Marion, although I am not so keen on hot chocolate - perhaps I would like Filipino hot chocolate. Have a good weekend and enjoy your walks.

  3. Thank you for joining in, I enjoyed reading about all the things you enjoyed in January. Mmmmm, crumpets, I love them too, though it's been quite a while since I've had any, I think I'll pop them on my shopping list. The Filipino hot chocolate looks delicious.

  4. Loved reading about your favourite things, many are mine too :) I have serious hot chocolate envy now! Beautiful misty photos :) xx

  5. great post ,love crumpets too

  6. Lovely pictures with a loads of atmosphere. It seems to me that you live in a wonderful place. Looking forward to all those springflowers too. Can't wait to see your pictures of them ;-)
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  7. Chatsworth is somewhere I have been wanting to visit for the longest time, I'll get there one day.
    My husband loves crumpets, they are often a late night supper snack for him, I've got to really fancy them and then I go along the lots of butter route too!
    Your hot chocolates sound intriguing and very delicious, good to have a little treat.
    Lisa x

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