Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Crocheted Headbands

I made these headbands last weekend. The weather had been quite miserable
here, too dark even at daytime for hand sewing, so I picked up my crochet hook
and made hair accessories instead. The girls love them. They're both into headbands
at the moment and I decided that better than buying them, I'll make them myself.

I started off with rows of double crochets to make the band, sewed together
the ends, and then embellished with flowers and bows. Very simple and easy.
The flowers are based on the buttercup pattern from 201 crochet motifs, blocks,
projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths; I just made up the bows.

I used Drops Muscat mercerised cotton in pink, green. dusky blue and red,
all left over from other projects. I like this yarn. It's smooth and very nice to work
with and makes a soft but stretchy crocheted fabric, just what you need for headbands.

These were all quick and easy makes and I enjoyed making them. It's been awhile
since I've completed a project so it was quite satisfying and very pleasant to have
something simple that I can work on while watching television and finish it in an
evening. I'm planning to make a few more for my nieces and maybe for the girls'
friends as well. But first, while there's bright, clear sunshine, I'm going to work on
my sampler and hopefully get it finished soon.

I hope you've had a lovely start to the week. It's not half-term here yet,
there's still this week to go. It's an unusually long school term for this time of year.
The girls are knackered and so am I, but we trudge on. Hopefully Friday will be
here before we know it.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. They're so pretty. There's something quite satisfying in working on a project with a quick finish. Half term here is this week, though it's not something I think about so much now that I don't have school age children. At least you'll still have the holidays to look forward to when most of the country has gone back to school.

  2. How sweet! We are on half term and I'll be off tomorrow to take my turn to look after the youngest two. Quite looking forward to it. x

  3. Very pretty! I am sure your daughters will enjoy wearing them!

  4. Good idea, I bet they look great with their headbands!

  5. I can quite understand why the girls love their headbands, the flowers are cute but those bows are even cuter.
    Hope you had a lovely Valentines day.
    Lisa x

  6. The headbands are beautiful and so much prettier than those in shops. I'm not surprised your girls love them. Only two days to go now to half term - have a lovely week and lots of fun.

  7. It does feel good to have a finished project especially when it's such an adorable one! Your headbands are perfect. Now you can make them to match special outfits, too fun!

  8. Your headbands are great and so pretty. I'm sure your girls must love them.

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