Thursday, 21 August 2014

This week... husband has three whole days off and we're very happy.

At last, after over a month of working six days a week, he has a little
break and we can have a bit more time together as a family. We're
 taking the girls to The Deep in Hull this weekend and we can't wait!

.........I remembered to take a flask of tea when we were out and about.

It was a slightly cold morning so my hot, warming drink was just
perfect. I should remember to take my flask again next time 
especially when it's a nippy day like today.

............Lulu loves the swing.

She's usually not a fan of swings but on Monday she went on this one
at the local playground and happily stayed there for ages. She didn't
want to be pushed, instead she let the breeze gently move the swing
and she was giggling, singing and talking to herself the whole time.
And then she proudly said to me 'I'm swinging, Mummy'.
It was just wonderful.

.........the girls and I had a successful shopping trip in town.

We got all the things on our shopping list without any trouble at all
and we had plenty of time to enjoy a break in the Winter Garden and
 a browse in the museum shop. Then my shopping companions
who were so good and patient got their well deserved treat:
a fun ride in a little blue train and some nice sweeties to take home.
A successful morning indeed.

........we have another frozen summer treat: blackberry sorbet.

And it's all thanks to my husband's efforts. He picked the blackberries
then made the sorbet, all in an afternoon. And yes he also cooked
a lovely dinner afterwards. The girls and I are so lucky.

........I made this simple wall art with an old picture frame and
 gift wrapping paper that has a map of Central London.

I cut out a section of the map that has the places which are
special to us--the area where we used to live and where we
got married. I'm really happy with it and best of all it didn't cost
me much at all. I already had the wrapping paper and the
 picture frame was just 20p from a jumble sale. What a lucky find!

The rest of the map has become a treasure map for little pirates
to play with. I thought I'll use it for card making but my husband
and the girls had other ideas and they had a great time playing
pirates so I couldn't get cross plus I got the bit I wanted so
everyone was happy.

So that's our week so far. Hope yours is going well and you
have lots of fun things planned for this Bank Holiday Weekend.


  1. What a lovely week you have all indeed had!!! The map looks brilliant! What a find! X

  2. You've had such a nice week together. I really love the map. I wish we'd done more things in the same place as a couple/family to be able to make one like that too.

  3. Lovely all round! I love your flask; wouldn't some fabric in that design be beautiful? I've been wanting something similar to your map picture; I'll have to look out for a nice map. You were so lucky to find that frame for only 20p! The blackberry sorbet looks delish. I'm quite busy this month so I bet they'll all have been picked by the time I get to look; fingers crossed not. Jen

  4. Marion, I do enjoy you photos. I am a big fan of the winter gardens, and the museum shop, although I have to be very restrained. We have just learnt that second son will also be going to Sheffield University so we will be visiting Sheffield for a few more years yet! I love the map idea - and what adventures and imagination you can use with children and an old map!
    Caz xx

  5. Great idea with the map! We'd need one of Sheffield :-) Hope you enjoyed The Deep. Our eldest LOVED it there!

  6. How lovely to spend time as a family! So many gorgeous things in this post!