Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lovely Happy Things

We're on the fifth day of the school holidays and so far, so good.
I'm very much liking our slower, more relaxed days at home.
We're not doing much, just the usual pottering about and
spending time together and it's great.  On Saturday we took
the girls to Derbyshire on a whim. We just felt like being
outdoors and we had the whole morning to do as we like so
 off we went. Along the way we saw this beautiful rainbow.
It's such a happy and wonderful sight, just brilliant!

We stopped in Castleton and made our way up to the
 Peak Caverns. We decided on the way that we'd quite
like to go on one of their tours but there wasn't any that
morning so we just had a look round the cave entrance
 instead. It was still fun and interesting especially for
the girls. Markie, in particular, was very impressed.
I heard her say quite a few times  "It's just like in Nina!"*

We then went for a walk around the village and
had cake and hot chocolate at a local cafe. My favourite
little emporium full of weird and wonderful things was
open and we all went in for a nosey. You can never tell
what gems you'll find in there and this time we left with
 a set of coasters and a couple of wooden figurines.

It was a really great morning and the rest of our weekend
 turned out lovely too. Here's some more of our happy things:

knitting while watching Strictly Come Dancing with the girls
on Sunday afternoon,

a lovely, unexpected present from my parents-in-law,

pretty fresh flowers on the mantel

and on my bedside table,

cooking and eating tasty, warming meals like butternut
squash risotto--seasonal, autumnal and delicious too.

Markie is staying over at my parents-in-law this evening
and my husband's working a late shift. As soon as Lulu's
in bed later I'll sit down with a nice cup of tea and catch up
with you all. I want to say a big thanks to all of you who
continue to visit here. Your visits and comments are very
much appreciated. Thank you! I hope you're all having
a good week. See you soon!

*Nina and the Neurons in Cebeebies


  1. Absolutely loved the pictures!! What a great time out you had!!
    Thank you for sharing! X

  2. What a lovely day out. I really enjoyed seeing your family, they look so happy. I'm glad you're having a good break.

  3. I'm so glad your family had such a good weekend! Your family all have such lovely smiles, everybody does look happy. I'm a wee bit jealous of your hubby's beard - I like how David looks in one, but he is only allowed a goatee at work. I hope Lulu goes to bed nicely, and that you have an enjoyable evening!

  4. Lovely photo of your family there, they look so happy. Sounds like you had a great weekend and your knitting looks really nice, pretty colour.
    Marianne x

  5. Such a lovely place to visit judging by your beautiful photos. I especially liked the first one with the rainbow, that really is beautiful isn't it. Your knitting is lovely not a pattern that I have ever seen before, but I really like it. xx

  6. Lovely pic of your family., hope you had a good half term. Our usual happy girl made a reappearance (there was definitely less grumping last week). The flowers are beautiful and your knitting looks amazing...great stitch. xx

  7. Such a lovely post! It's always good to celebrate the little things. We love butternut squash risotto too, and it's really nice to see a photo of your family. x