Friday, 17 October 2014

Heart and Flower Scarf

I want to make my girls new scarves for this autumn and
winter and so I've been busy with my knitting needles whenever
I've had some free time this past week. I was spurred on by the cold
weather that came so suddenly last week--I want to finish both
scarves before it gets even colder! So far I've made one and
 it's for Lulu, and we're calling it the Heart and Flower Scarf.

I knitted it in simple stocking stitch using Drops Merino Extra Fine
(DK) in Turquoise. I really love this yarn. I bought two balls in this
colour and in Soft Pink from a wool shop in Whitby. Their prices
were reduced to £2.10 per ball and I just couldn't resist. It's so soft
 and lovely and has extra elasticity which makes it so easy and
 wonderful to work with. 

I initially planned to add the heart and flower motifs* with
duplicate stitches or Swiss darning. The idea came from an old
1970's craft magazine that I picked up from a charity shop. 
I thought it's a great way to add colourful designs to a knitted
garment and I wanted to try it. However it turned out to be much
 trickier than I had expected. After several frustrating tries I gave
up and decided to use cross stitch instead. It was a lot easier
and I got the same result I wanted: a bit of colour and fun to the
solid blue background so I'm still happy with it despite my
failed attempt at Swiss darning.

Here's Lulu wearing her new scarf. She insisted we go out for
a walk yesterday just so she can wear it. I'm so happy that
she likes it and I'm doubly pleased that I can make her something
nice and cozy to wear. I'm hoping to make a matching hat but first
I have to get started with Markie's scarf. It will be pink with
 butterflies and little flowers as requested--a little more detailed
than her sister's so I better get started soon!

I hope you've all had a good week. Thanks as always for stopping by.
Wishing you a lovely, sunshiny weekend!
See you soon!

*both heart and flower designs are from Sweet Stitches from the Heart 


  1. Oh my gosh! That is just darling!! And doesn't Lulu look tickled pink with her new scarf??!? I love that yarn gorgeous! X

  2. I love the scarf! The cross stitch is so effective too. I'm in the middle of crocheting a scarf for hubby in his football team's colours!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment :)
    Your scarf is so lovely, I love that blue:) Your daughter is adorable :) Hope you all have a great weekend,

  4. I've never tried Swiss darning (I'm even really sure what it is - off to google it!) but I think your cross stitch is absolutely lovely. It's a great scarf. x

  5. She's adorable!!! Such a pretty scarf. I've just bought yarn for a scarf for Emma - though I still have to finish a baby blanket! Emma wants no such pretty scarf (boo), but a Doctor Who style scarf (well, can't argue too much, heehee). Being nine, she will have a much shorter one, but she's excited. I, too, am off to google Swiss darning!!

  6. That scarf is gorgeous! And so is your girl :) x

  7. What a beautiful scarf! It's just gorgeous and the cross stitch motifs just make it. How sweet does Lulu look wearing it too?! Just lovely.
    Marianne x

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