Thursday, 23 October 2014

Looking at the bright side

This has been a bit of a rubbish week for us. The girls are tired
and we've had to deal with a lot of crying and grumpiness all week.
On Tuesday while on my way to Markie's school a van swiped the
side of our car, scratching and denting parts of it and giving me
a big fright. Lulu and I were okey but it was quite a shock. I've been
fretting over what happened and I've had to keep reminding myself
that it's not worth dwelling on it. After all we're all right, our little
 old car is getting fixed, the other driver is willing to pay for the costs,
and I've been fine driving again since the accident. I'm trying to focus
on the good things, to look at the bright side as that famous song
advices us to do in all situations, because I tend to worry and I'm
quite prone to keep asking 'why me?' even when I know very well
that it's useless to keep going on about that. And yes, I've had lots of
good things this past week and it's good for me to remember them.
Good things such as..

..tea and cross stitch while Lulu was having her afternoon nap,

bacon in brioche buns for lunch last weekend,

a new house plant,

shopping in town with Markie,

and more autumn colours on our mantel.

And we've had a better day today. Things are getting sorted and I'm
starting to feel better and less stressed about everything so it's
good. The week is starting to feel less rubbish and from tomorrow
it's half term holiday here. Hooray! We're very much looking forward
 to this. We'll take things easy, have lazy days at home and just rest.
Actually the school break couldn't have come at a better time so
thank goodness for that. And hooray for looking at the bright
side of life. I'll try to keep doing that.


  1. These are such lovely happy things, Marion. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cross-stitching. I'm sorry you've had a hard week but it sounds like it's getting better and that's wonderful. Take care.

  2. Oh you poor thing! Thank goodness for half term!! I too can't wait for it!!! Loving the autumn mugs/cups! X

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your scrape! When I'd started driving some fool bumped into me. You did the best thing and (metaphorically) got back on the horse! Glad to hear you've found some happiness this week. Hope you have a good half term!