Friday, 26 December 2014

Five on Friday

Hello! Today I'm taking part in Amy's 'Five on Friday' posts.
As it's the day after Christmas I thought I'll write about
five of my favourite things this festive season. Thanks to Amy
for organizing this and for letting me join in.

So, my five favourite things this Christmas...

1. Making Christmas cards with my girls

We had a lot of fun making them and we're so pleased with
how they've turned out. I'm really looking forward to doing more
 of this with them next Christmas.

2. Our festive flapjacks

I'm really glad we've found a way to add a little bit of Christmas
flavour to our favourite homemade treat. It's another thing I've
enjoyed making with my girls and I'm really happy about this.

3. Slices of pannetone dipped in amaretto

This is a very grown up way of enjoying this Christmas cake
and it is so good!

4. Time with my family

Being with my favourite people in the world is always wonderful.

5. Our Noche Buena, a traditional Filipino celebration
on Christmas Eve

I love that we have made this Filipino tradition a part
of our family's Christmas celebration. Noche Buena is a time
 for thanksgiving, a special time for families to be together,
and of course, an occasion for delicious Filipino dishes.
We made spring rolls, pork estofado and leche flan (creme
caramel) for our little feast and it was lovely.

Family, tradition, food, baking, crafting...they made my
Christmas this year and it's been a happy one.


I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from
our day to enjoy five things. Please go and visit the other
people who are also blogging about Five on Friday this week.

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Thank you for taking time to stop by here.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday.
See you soon!


  1. Thank you for taking part I will pop back xx

  2. Just found your blog via Love made my home. What a lovely Five on Friday post :O)x

  3. Lovely posts for your Five on Friday. Your Christmas cards are adorable! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Lovely festive things, Marion, the reindeer cards are so cute. And the panettone in amaretto looks a bit naughty, I shall have to try that! xx

  5. Lovely post Marion. I love the sound of the Panettone dipped in Amaretto one of my favourite tipples. Must put that on my to do list. The festive flapjacks look yummy too. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. :))

  6. I'm popping in through a Friday Five link - what a lovely post! Your love for family, friends and tradition really shines through. I hope 2015 is full of these blessings.

  7. I've just found your blog, and enjoyed your Five on Friday.
    I wil lbe calling again.


  8. Happy Christmas Marion. It's been lovely to see what you've been making. Great to be doing Five on Friday with you. Katharine

  9. I love the Christmas card. So cute! Hope you had a nice Christmas and happy new year to you.


  10. Such lovely things! I remember those cards from your previous post and still think they are wonderful! I love that you have different traditions for celebrating, it makes the seasons so much richer doesn't it. Thank you so much for joining in five on Friday, I enjoyed your post! Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful new year! xx

  11. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. the flapjack was a super idea for teacher gifts!! hope you have a lovely New Year and looking forward to reading more posts in 2015. xx