Friday, 12 December 2014

Lovely Happy Christmas Things

It's starting to feel more festive around here and so
not surprisingly a lot of the things I've enjoyed over the
past week have got something to do with Christmas.
Things like..........

..........snowflakes on the table mat and Christmas colours
around the house,

..........making festive flapjacks with the girls,

...........soft and lovely yarn for making a crocheted present, our Advent candle every evening - my own quiet,
chocolate-free way to mark the days before Christmas.

..........having our own handmade Christmas cards to give
to friends and family as well as these lovelies that
Markie designed at school,

.........and making Pancit Molo (Filipino wonton soup).

This specialty dish of the province where I'm from is not
a Christmas dish but as it's not often we make it, it's a bit
of a special occasion when we do. It's a dish made with
wonton dumplings served in a hot broth and garnished
with chicken pieces and spring onions. Back home you can
buy the wonton parcels or dumplings ready made from shops
but here I have to make them so preparation can be lengthy.
At least we can buy wonton wrappers from shops here.
So for about an hour one afternoon last week I sat down
with a cup of tea and Classic FM on the radio and set about
wrapping little parcels of pork mixtures. That's one of them
on the upper right hand photo. It was actually quite relaxing
and I enjoyed it and when they were all done my husband
got busy cooking. It was a real team effort and of course
we had a happy, lovely meal that evening so all the work
was worth it!

So those are some of my happies this week. Tomorrow morning
we're going to buy our Christmas tree. It's a very big event here
 and we're all very excited! Fingers crossed that the weather
won't be too bad. I heard there might be snow and there might
well be - there were snow flurries on our way home from
 school this afternoon.

So have a warm and safe weekend everyone and hope
it will be full of lovely and happy things for you all!!


  1. What lovely happy Christmassy things! Your daughter is obviously as talented as you, that is a great Christmas card!! xx

  2. The wonton soup looks very tasty Marion. Have fun getting your Christmas tree, today is frosty but lovely and sunny here, what a perfect day to get your tree. xx

  3. That soup looks so yummy!!! So, are you a feeder? My husband's "second mom" is Filipino (she is actually the mom of one of his best friends, but became "mom" when his own parents divorced and he practically lived at his friend's house), and we can't leave her house without being fed and taking food with us! I've already googled a recipe for this, can't wait to try it! The ingredients are all things my family will happily eat. Sounds like you've been having a lovely Christmas season, we are, too. I really hope to get some time to blog about it!! I look forward to seeing your tree, have a wonderful time!!

    1. Ha ha! I'm not a 'feeder' but my husband is. He's the cook in the family and cooking amd feeding us with lovely food are two of his favourite things. I'd love to meet your husband's 'second mom'. She reminds me of my own mother. x

  4. Your Pancit Molo looks delicious, as does the flapjack mixture. Lovely to see all your Christmassy things Marion
    Caz xx

  5. I feel all cosy and festive reading this! Lovely things in this post.
    It has been lovely getting to know you a little through our blogs this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts and looking at your gorgeous makes.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!
    Marianne x

  6. The Pancit Molo looks so, so delicious. Do you think you might post your recipe here sometime? It's wonderful to indulge in that kind of cooking when you have the time. x

    1. Thanks for asking, Gillian! I'll try to remember to take more photos and then share the recipe next time we make this. x

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