Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Snow Days

It snowed quite heavily here on Boxing Day evening.
We were already at home when it did, back from my husband's
parents' place where we'd stayed overnight on Christmas Day
 and we felt very lucky. My brother-in-law, on the other hand,
was still out on the road and he got caught in the blizzard
as he drove from Stoke to Yorkshire. He had to leave his car
 on the side of a road when he was nearly home and had to
 continue the rest of the journey on foot. Good thing that their
house wasn't too far and he made it back just before midnight.

The following day we woke up to a bright, crisp and
very snowy Sheffield. We all went outside after breakfast.
The girls played in the snow and we built a little snowman
together but their excitement didn't last long. Soon they
were complaining of the cold and just wanted to get back in.
My husband stayed out for much longer, clearing the paths
for our elderly neighbours and helping grit the road so
cars can get past. Again we're lucky to have a full salt grit
bin at the bottom of our street on days like this and there are
well and able people to use them. We have a lot of pensioners
around here and we worry about them when the weather
is freezing. We've just brought a bag of groceries to one
of them and gave someone a lift to town this morning.

On Sunday we had to go back to my in-laws' for another
family get-together. It was a lovely day and the snowy
countryside we went past was beautiful. Driving wasn't
much fun though. We took the main roads and my husband
did his best to get us there safely and back.

These really are days best spent indoors and we're glad
we can do that this week. The girls and I stayed in the whole day yesterday. My husband had to go back to work and he's working
again this afternoon. But for the next couple of days he's off work
and we're all looking forward to more warm, cosy days at home.
We have lots here to keep us happy and occupied. The girls are
 still enjoying their new toys and books and there are programmes
 over Christmas that we want to catch up on the telly. I don't mind
 at all welcoming 2015 in my pyjamas under a blanket on the sofa.
 I just hope all these snow and frost will melt away soon. I quite
 miss those soggy, snow-free winter days we're all so used to.
Here's hoping for better weather and more good things
in the New Year!!

Have a very happy New Year! Stay warm and keep safe.
See you soon!


  1. Look at the snow, isn't it just wonderful? We haven't had any yet this year, unfortunately. You are very kind to help out your neighbours and I hope that when I am elderly I live near to someone just like you and your husband! I have been blog hopping this afternoon, visiting from Creative Academia. I am sure to be back soon, yours is a lovely blog. Happy New Year to you and yours! Christina

  2. Hello Marion

    Your snow looks beautiful, magical and wonderful, but better seen from the inside of your warm home.

    Happy New Year to You and your Family.


  3. There's still lots of snow and ice on the ground isn't there? I don't blame you for staying in and keeping cosy! xx

  4. I hope that your New Year will be wonderful! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! I hope that you all stay safe and sound and warm too! xx

  5. What a lovely post! You and your husband are so kind to help and care for your neighbours!
    I hope you have a wonderful family-filled need year! X

  6. Gorgeous snowy photographs! We have had no snow here at all and only a couple of frosty days although we have had lots of rain!
    Marianne x

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