Thursday, 7 May 2015

Beach Treasures

We love beachcombing and these were the little treasures we collected
on our recent holiday in Robin Hood's Bay - seashells, stones, a small
piece of drift wood, a broken tile, a fossil. The seashells, particularly
the ones in the first photo, were plentiful and easily found. The stones
were chosen for the colours and shapes. The small white stone (lower
left in the photo) reminded us of Bonting, Alfie's pet stone in the Shirley
Hughes story. I think the bigger, yellow stone is a meteorite. My husband
found the fossil further along the beach near the cliffs. It does look
like a fossil, although exactly what it is we don't know. I'm none the
wiser about the shells either which has made me want to have a
good seashell identification book because I'd love for us to learn more.
That will be something to look out for the next time I'm in a charity or
second hand bookshop, or even in car boot sales.

I've cleaned all our beach finds and I'm planning to store them in a
tin labelled with the date and beach where we found them. Previously we've just kept whatever beach things we've brought back from the seaside in plastic bags and forgot all about them as soon as we got
home. Mrs.Tiggywinkle has inspired me to look after them better.
They are part of our holiday memories and we really should keep them well. I hope we'll have many more tins full of beach treasures
after this first one.


  1. I love beach finds. I tend to find that the things we leave in plastic bags, start to smell after a while. I keep things in little pots until we restock them with new finds.

  2. That is a wonderful way to keep your memories!!! How magical!!! The shells are fascinating aren't they, so I hope that you can find a book to work out what they all are. xx

  3. That's a very interesting collection. I still have shells and seaglass I collected at the beach when I was a child. It's a nice way to remember your trip.

  4. What a fun trip and collection! I ran into my "newly-found old friend" and her hubby today, we're planning our first evening at the beach for the year, I'm so excited!! We mostly have clam shells and some sand dollars. I lived on the Southern East Coast for a bit, and would find such an assortment of the teeniest, tiniest shells, adorable! Your collection will be so fun to look back on, I'll be the girls will love it.

  5. It's fun collecting items on the beach isn't it? Especially from somewhere beautiful like Robin Hoods Bay. You sound very organised with labelling your finds.
    Caz xx

  6. My girls and I enjoy beachcombing too, we collect shells from every beach holiday and bring them home. Ours aren't very organised though, they are mainly on the back door step and Miss L likes to colour them in with chalks on a sunny day xx

  7. Limpets and periwinkles, Marion! And my daughter had a Bonting, too, we love Shirley Hughes and I think that every four-year-old should have a copy of the Big Alfie Out of Doors book. I LOVE this post, but you knew that I would. Thank you for mentioning me. xx

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