Friday, 15 May 2015

A Pirate Costume

This week I have been busy putting together a pirate costume
for Markie. Their topic at school this half term is titled 'A Pirate's
Life for Me' and all their learning are linked to pirates. As it's the end
of half term next week, their class is having a pirate dress up day.
And of course, as the costume maker in this house, I have to come
up with something that she can wear for this fancy dress day.

I started off by having a look in Pinterest for inspiration. I also looked
in her closet to see if there's anything she can use and found her red
and white stripey dress. She can wear a waistcoat over it and with
 a bandanna and an eye patch I thought she'd look piratey enough.
So that was decided, but first I had to make the waistcoat.

I've never made one before and just wanted something that
would look sort of like a waistcoat. I made a pattern based on one
of her shirts and this had three pieces- two for the front and one for
 the back. They were sewn together and this is how it turned out:

The fabric I used was leftover from her ladybird costume. It's
so flimsy I've had to line it with calico but it also saved me from
having to deal with hems so that turned out okey.

To add a little pirate touch, I embroidered this skull and cross bones
and created a badge.

 The armholes don't quite match and it's all uneven but it's wearable
and I think it goes well with the stripey dress. I'm actually pleased
 with it-- I didn't have to buy any of the materials, Markie likes it
 and most of all it fits!

I hope our girl pirate will have lots and lots of pirate fun at school
on Tuesday. Once again it's been a pleasure making her a costume.
I do wonder though what the next half term' s theme will be...

Hope it's been a nice week for you all. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Marion, this costume is adorable! I love everything about it. You're such a creative mom. Well done!

  2. Marion, you are amazing and one talented Mam. The costume is brilliant,
    I love it.


  3. That is such a cute costume Marion and it looks so professionally made. Looks great with the red stripey top
    Caz xx

  4. So adorable! I love pirates and the costume is great! Looking forward to seeing the next one!! :) xx

  5. Oh well done Marion, it's great. Even better that you didn't need to buy anything! I bet Markie was thrilled to wear it! xx

  6. It's amazing!! I can't see the flaws you describe and considering you made this just from stuff you already had in the house I think you should be pretty pleased with your imagination and your sewing skills, it's brilliant. xx

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