Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Into the Woods

We went for a walk at the Longshaw Estate in Derbyshire on Monday
morning. The estate, which is part of the Peak District, is only a short
drive from Sheffield and is very popular with walkers and ramblers.

We started off from the Longshaw Lodge and followed an easy trail
with great views across the moors.

We walked along streams and meadows dotted with sheep and lambs
and admired the many beautiful flowers lining the footpath.

The girls really liked the play trail, especially the many hiding places
behind twisted branches and fallen trees.

It was time for a snack when we reached the pond. I was glad I'd
brought a flask of tea. It was cold and cloudy, not once did the sun
peek out from behind the clouds the whole time we were there. But
no matter, we were still having a nice time. We shared some bread
with the ducks and they were delighted.

We kept going and went down a path into the woods where, to our
surprise, we found bluebells, lots and lots of them! I've never seen a bluebell wood before, such a delightful sight. We'll definitely come
back next year just to see this again.

We kept going for a bit then decided to head back after awhile.
The girls were complaining that they were tired and hungry- again!
We've had our dose of fresh air and the outdoors. It was time to
 go home-- although not before a pizza lunch in Kelham Island and
a quick shop at Aldi.

So another Bank Holiday Monday spent well, I think. We all had
a great time and we all felt better, as we always do, after spending
time outdoors. The only thing missing was the sunshine. Oh well,
at least it wasn't raining. Maybe on the next Bank Holiday we'll
get lucky.


  1. It looks like a lovely way to spend the holiday. The girls must have loved the sheep and the trees to climb on. I always enjoy walks like this. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're having a good week, Marion.

  2. Thanks for sharing it looks wonderful! I love the bluebells especially, we used to live near a bluebell wood, lots of happy childhood memories :) Your daughters are very cute! I love that thermos as well :) xx

  3. You had a great bank holiday day! How wonderful that you got to see a real life bluebell wood for the first time, so happy for you!!!! I hope you are having a great week! xx

  4. What a lovely walk - your daughters are soooo cute! The bluebells do look stunning don't they, hard to beat really
    Caz xx

  5. Lovely! I am hoping to get some outdoorsy family days in soon! It's been too long. Your day looks perfect, *sigh*. The bluebells are wonderful, though they do always make me think of Broadchurch now, haha! A bluebell forest looks especially lovely, what a wonderful find.

  6. What a lovely day out with your girls. The trees look like they are bugging each other! X

  7. We always feel better after getting out for some fresh air too. I haven't ever visited Longshaw, so thanks for the tour! I love your flask, by the way :-) xx

  8. Love the blue bells. something I always make sure to see every spring. Not been to Longshaw will have to pop over there.

  9. Slim chance, Marion - the next bank holiday is at the end of August and is traditionally wet! There are lots of things I love in this post: lush greenage, bluebells, sheep, tea, family time... x