Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Party Invites

It's that time of the year again when we start making plans for the
girls' birthdays. They're both June babies, born two years apart
almost to the day. Markie was born on the 13th and Lulu arrived via
elective c-section on the 14th. June gets a bit busy around here as
you can imagine, but it's a nice and fun sort of busy. We do different things for each of them on their birthdays but they usually have
 a joint party and this year it's on Saturday the 6th.

Parties need invitations and this time I made my own again. I've used
 my typewriter to write the message and I'm pleased that I did. It has really made the job easier and quicker. Then I just added the balloons
using craft paper cut in small circles and drew the balloon strings
 with a pencil. They're simpler compared to the ones I made
last year but I like them just as much.

It's been fun making these invites. I hope all of Markie and Lulu's
friends will come. They're both very excited about it and are really
looking forward to all the fun and games. They've been to friends'
parties and now they can't wait to have their own. I'm hoping, as
always, that it will be a good one for both of them. I'm sure it will be.

The sun is shining brightly here this morning. I hope it's the same
where you are. Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. How pretty. I love reading about families with kids' birthdays close together; mine were both born in September, three years apart. Their birthdays are separated by about two weeks. I wish we could have more joint parties but with a boy and a girl, plus the three-year age difference, it's getting harder to do them. But we love having both birthdays in the same month; it's an exciting few weeks!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I hope they have fun at their party!!

  3. These invitations are really pretty Marion. I feel slightly ashamed now that I don't put more effort into ours, I usually print them off the computer, quick and dirty. I am sure Lulu and Markie will have a lovely day with all their friends. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the weather so you can have the party in the garden. x

  4. Such lovely invitations. BigR has a better social life than me. She has 5 parties to go in the next month, I hope your girls ave a wonderful party!! x

  5. Marion, your invitations are so simple but so stylish! I am exactly 3 years younger than my brother, to the day - I think it has created a bit of a special bond between us. Look forward to hearing how the girls' party went in due course!
    Caz xx

  6. Hi Marion, I finally had time to visit your blog. I love the invitations you made - they are super cute! Have you received the package I sent you? Happy Birthday in advance to your girls....Virna

  7. These are so lovely, so simple and eye catching and fun. You did a great job. Good luck with the party planning! x

  8. They are lovely, Marion, what a good idea. June is a busy month for you! I bet the girls are really looking forward to their party xx

  9. Love these invitations Marion...they are so pretty.
    Marianne x