Friday, 10 July 2015

Five on Friday

Today I'm joining in with Amy for Five on Friday. It's been awhile
since I've taken part here and I'm so pleased to be able join in today.

My five things are flowers that are currently in bloom in our small
garden. We only have a tiny green space so we just try to work with
what we've got. We have herbs, a small bay tree and a few other plants
plus these two that bloom summer after summer.

I'm not very good with plants and plant names and I'm not sure what
they are both called but I like them. They never fail to bloom every
year, there are always a lot of them and they're also very hardy.

Another 'regular' are the trusty Hostas. They come back and flower
around this time every year too.

Last spring I decided to try my hand at growing annuals. My gardening
skills are, let's just say, limited so I wanted plants that were easy to
look after. I chose geraniums and petunias. So far, they've not only
survived, they've thrived and are now full of flowers!

 I'm really pleased and even a bit surprised with how well they're all doing. I'm planning to have them again next year and try other colour varieties too.

So those are my five-- happy blooms bringing joy and colour to our
small garden. I hope you're all having a lovely Friday. Please visit
Amy's blog to find out more about other bloggers taking part today.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You might only have a small space, but it looks as though it is packed with the most wonderful colours!!! Everything is growing really well, you obviously have a green thumb! The plant in the first picture is a mallow and the second one looks to be an osteospermum. Thank you so much as always for joining in, it is great to have you! I hope that you have a great weekend - enjoying the garden! xx

  2. Beautiful pics, Marion. I agree with Amy in that the first is definitely a mallow - lavatera. I love this one, as do the bees, and it will flower for at least another three months but they usually die after about 5 years, so be prepared to replace it. Have a lovely weekend. x

  3. It looks like you have a lovely garden and a green thumb for growing things. I am trying to plant perennials in my garden. But I have very poor soil here in southern California. My best to you for a wonderful weekend.

  4. I like the daisy like flowers very much (second from top). They grow 'wild' at the end of our road and I have been tempted to dig some up. The geranium can be overwintered and it will come back nicely. My granny used to do this. I think they need sharp cutting back and storage in a dark dry place, maybe a cellar if you have one. Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. Such a pretty garden! I love those hostas :) And the others are such lovely colours xx

  6. Beautiful flowers in your garden, I tried growing from seed this year but didn't have much success.

  7. Beautiful flowers! I especially love your geraniums!

  8. Beautiful flowers Marion, love the flowers from the Hostas.


  9. Lovely you can never have too many flowers.

  10. You may have a small garden but you have certainly filled it with some stunning flowers, well done.

  11. What beautiful flowers, the colours are so summery! Geraniums are one if my most favourite flowers, I love the smell from the leaves if you rub them between your fingers. X

  12. Beautiful flowers!! I really love hostas, they're so good at filling in space and coming back, which is my favorite part! I do not have a green thumb, so plants that are good at being ignored are my favorite. I'm glad to see your petunias and geraniums did well, they're on my list of "to try".

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