Monday, 10 August 2015

Going Camping

We went camping for the first time this week. I wasn't sure
I'd like it much being so fond of my creature comforts. I was only
 giving it a go because my husband had convinced me that it's a nice thing to do as a family and that we'll all have a great time. And he was
right: it was great fun and we all really enjoyed it, myself included.

No one was more surprised than me, to be honest with you. I was
quite sure it's not really for me but I enjoyed it so much I couldn't
wait for us to go camping again. Yes, I know, I'm now one of those
camping converts, and a very happy one too.

I couldn't not like camping. We were in a lovely, family friendly
  campsite surrounded by beautiful Derbyshire countryside. We had
 fresh air, sunshine, a pitched tent and a lit barbecue. The girls were
 off playing with other kids, I was sitting in the sunshine with
 my crochet, the burgers and hotdogs were cooking. Later after
we'd put the girls to bed, we sat outside and watched the stars
come out. It was all simply glorious. It would have been very
churlish of me not to enjoy the experience.

And next morning after we've had our breakfast we walked up
Stanton Moor, a Peak District landmark very close to the campsite.
It was so gorgeous up there we were totally gobsmacked.

The only thing that wasn't fun was not sleeping on a proper mattress.
The girls slept well but we didn't so we've now decided to invest in
a good air mattress. That will surely improve things. And next time
 we'll be better and quicker at spotting the best place to pitch the tent and packing will be easier too.

Yes, we're already planning for our next camping trip. If we can
go before the summer holidays end and experience all that fun and freedom again, I'd say, yes, please. We're going camping!


  1. Well done, Marion! An airbed will make all the difference (although my daughter prefers self-inflating mats). Our children loved the independence and freedom that they had on camping holidays and have never looked back. They both have their own tents now and the Best Beloved and I have just downsized (we really don't need a 12-man tent anymore!). xx

  2. Camping is such fun isn't Marion - all that fresh air is so good! Glad you enjoyed it
    Caz xx

  3. Good for you, Marion. I'm a fairly picky camper myself - it has to be just so and I *must* be able to take a shower while I'm there - but it can be really fun and kids love it. I'm glad you enjoyed your first camping experience. It will be even better with an air mattress next time. :)

  4. I love love love camping. I am glad you enjoyed it, too. I am not trying to be a bore but when you buy a sleeping mat, make sure it is insulating from the cold. I found out that there is a rating system for the insulation factor, it is called the r-value. We used to have camp beds but the cold air circulates underneath, making the sleep experience rather chilly. Check out for information, I have the most amazing mat ever, after ten years of being uncomfortable. xx

  5. So glad to hear you had a wonderful camping trip. I haven't camped for many years, but always enjoyed it when I did X

  6. I know exactly what you mean. We camped in Derbyshire for the weekend back in June and came back just brimming with how amazing camping is. When the sun shines and the barbeque is going, it's really magical. I'm glad you had such a great time. xx

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