Thursday, 8 October 2015

Blanket Making

I'm joining in with Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party. My winter
project is a blanket that I started making last month. I wasn't really
planning to make one. I bought some discounted cotton yarn at the
beginning of summer hoping to make another shawl for myself
but I sort of fell out of love with the idea over the school holidays.

I thought a blanket or throw for the living room is more essential
and will get more use so that's what I decided to make instead.
 I'm usually wary of starting big projects like this because of the size
and the amount of time it takes to finish them. I've tried making a
blanket before. My first attempt had the granny chevron stitch which
was nice but I couldn't decided what colour yarns to use and gave up
on the project after just a few rows.

 I've done better with my second try. My granny square throw is now
 a good size but it's been months since I've taken it out of the basket
 and worked on it so it still remains just a WIP.

But I'm feeling more hopeful and positive about this new blanket.
With Lulu now at nursery twice a week, I have more time for making
and crafting so it should get finished, and I'd be very pleased if this
can happen before Christmas. I'm sure it will. As they say, third time lucky!

Having said all that, I'm actually going to take a break from it
next week while I make a costume for Markie and I'll be starting
making Christmas presents too. But I'll always be picking it up
and adding stitches whenever I can. I like it so much I really
can't leave it for long, so fingers crossed for more progress to
report here next time.

Thanks to Jennifer for organising this link party. Do visit her
wonderful blog if you haven't already and you can also have a look
at what everyone else is busy making this autumn and winter.


  1. Well it's looking lovely so far. I like the stitch you're using, it's very different. I think blankets are great winter projects as they keep you warm as you hook away on them. I've joined Jennifer's link party too, I'm sure it will motivate us all to keep going.

  2. Hi Marion, thank you for joining in with my link party! Your blanket is so pretty. I just love the colors, especially that stripe of dark green. I think the stitch pattern is very interesting too. I loved seeing your blanket and I'm looking forward to watching your progress this winter!

  3. I really like your colour choices Marion, very soothing. I can imagine many hours of snuggling under it. The stitch is rather special, I like that, too. x

  4. As long as you are enjoying your blanket making it doesn't matter how long it takes to make it! Just enjoy the process! xx

  5. Hi Marion, found you via the link. It is going to be so warm and I love cotton yarn and the finish it gives. Jo x

  6. Your blanket is looking good, Marion, I like the stitch you're using. The good thing about making blankets is that you can pick them up and do a row or two without having to think too hard or worry about following a pattern. It'll grow quicker than you think! xx

  7. Great colours in that blanket! All of my favourites are included. I hope you are able to find lots of time to get it done in between Christmas crafting and child care.

  8. Your blanket is looking great I love the colours. :)

  9. Your blanket is looking great already Marion...gorgeous colours.
    Marianne x