Saturday, 21 November 2015


Monday afternoon, around one o'clock, the sun came out from
behind dark grey clouds and for the first time in days there was
bright sunshine. Even though it was still wet outside it didn't look
or feel as dreary and it felt the same inside the house. The light
created shadows but also lit up spaces and corners I'd normally
not notice. I went into every room in the house just to see which
spot or corner was bright with sunlight. I've been lighting candles
and putting lamps on but nothing beats natural light at banishing greyness and gloom. It's brilliant and wonderful and I wish we have
more of it especially at this time of year. I miss it a lot - having grown
 up in a tropical country, warm, sunny weather is where I really feel
 most at home - and appreciate it so much particularly after what
feels like weeks of rain and grey skies.

 Today it's sunny but cold. We woke up with a light dusting of snow
 on the ground which got the girls very excited. I'm glad for the
sunshine. I don't mind the chill so much when the sky is blue and
 there is lots of sunshine. It's not quite the warming, comforting sort
 that I prefer but as long as it's bright and clear and the world doesn't look or feel miserable, I'll take it.

Hope you have sunshine where you are this weekend. Enjoy!


  1. It's amazing how a bit of sunshine can lift the spirits, especially at this time of year when we experience so many grey, dreary days. We had snow through the night but it had gone by morning, it's still very cold though.

  2. I have! It has made me so happy too! It does feel as if it has been hiding along time!

  3. Sunshine is so welcome especially at this time of year, isn't it? xx

  4. Yes, I am the same.Wandering from room to room, looking for the light. I can feel my spirits lift when the sun comes out. It makes all the difference. xx

  5. Yes, indeed. The sunshine makes the images so special and unique. It fills them with the exquisite charm. For the photos it's the best what can be. You can also read "The Sunshine" from by Linda Flowert. It's a good read about photography and what it brings.

  6. Sunshine in the winter is a precious thing, it can really life the spirits.
    Keep warm!
    Lisa x