Sunday, 31 January 2016

Our January

Our January was pretty much a quiet, steady sort of month. We settled back into our usual everyday routines after the Christmas holidays and plodded along until here we are at the very last day of the month. It
didn't actually feel as long or as dark as I had anticipated and it wasn't
that cold either, all of which I'm grateful for knowing what a struggle
January could be at times. And I am also grateful for all the joyful things that came our way this month, from simple pleasures like baking with
Lulu, listening to Markie reading, going out for walks and getting engrossed in a new book, to big, exciting events like our pop up
restaurant going well, my husband getting a secondment at work and booking our flights to the Philippines this May. These things cheered us, brightened our days and kept us going. Of course it wasn't all rosy.
 There were tiring, grump-inducing days too, as well as illnesses that lingered for many days. But it still wasn't such a bad January, not at all. In fact, it's been kind to us and I feel we're blessed to have had a very good start to the New Year.

So on now to February. There's half-term in two weeks' time, new books
to read, WIP's old and new to get on with, pancakes to make and enjoy.
 Lots of good things to see us through another winter month and then, hopefully, it will be Springtime.

How about you? How was your January?


  1. Sounds like a busy but good January, and you have your travels to look forward to - exciting! xx

  2. It was a good month wasn't it, despite the depressing weather. I am too enjoy the plodding along in January you need it after the whirlwind of December don't you?

  3. After the bustle of the holidays I'm always glad to see January. It is usually a slower month, lots of staying at home. Even with our record snow fall and all the shoveling it was a good month. Can't wait to see what February will bring.

  4. Oh yes pancakes, looking forward to those next week!
    January was wet and windy but we were lucky down here in the South as there wasn't the damage done as elsewhere.
    It's lovely to see the evenings are getting lighter.
    This month is always a quick one as both children have their birthday and there is half term too.
    Lisa x

  5. I like January too, cosy and comfy times, getting back into a routine after christmas etc, and nice long evenings by the fire- great! Lovely photographs Marion, and many congratulations on the success of your pop up restaurant, exciting news! X

  6. It is usually a slower month, lots of staying at home.