Friday, 5 February 2016

Five on Friday: reds and yellows

It's been a long time since I've joined Amy's Five on Friday
 so I'm very delighted that I have exactly five things to share today
 and I can join in again.

My five are some of the things we have on our mantel this month:

: : pretty daffodils in a vase

:: a Christmas tree ornament found in the post-Holiday sales

:: wooden Japanese dolls, both presents from my parents-in-law

:: more daffodils - these ones are smaller but just as pretty

:: a Bjorn Wiinblad plate, another present from my in-laws

 I like to change things around on the mantel every now and again
 just to freshen things up a bit and I've noticed that  there's a little colour theme going on this February. Usually it's just a random collection
 of items like postcards, feathers and sticks the girls have picked up
 on our walks, drawings and artworks from school, pebbles and shells from our holidays - everyday things that we love and remind us of happy
memories as well as the current season. There is still a randomness
to the things on display this month but they also all have some reds
and yellows which I think is just fitting for February. The reds are
a nod to February being the Month of Love and all that, while yellow
is just perfect for bringing a burst of colour on grey February days
and with the beautiful daffodils, it's a hint of Springtime and sunnier
days to come. Next time I change things around there might be more
colours - pinks, light blues, Springtime hues, but for now, I think these reds and yellows are just right.

So those are my five this Friday. It's been fun sharing them here
and again, I'm very glad to be able to join in today. Thanks, Amy!

I wish everyone a happy weekend. Half-term holiday has officially
started - Yehey!


  1. What beautiful things on your mantel, I loved the wooden Japanese dolls, a real delight.

  2. What a wonderful mantel, I love the sweet Chirstmas house ornament.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  3. The daffs are so lovely aren't they! What lovely gifts too from your inlaws, your mantel looks very pretty all decorated like that. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  4. You have some very pretty things on your mantel. They help make the home cheerful.

  5. Oh, I like the teeny, tiny daffodils.

  6. The daffodils and the japanese dolls...♥

  7. When the daffodils start to come out you can almost smell sori g around the corner. Hurrah

  8. I like sitting on the sofa and seeing the mantle. Yours is very pretty, I particularly like the Japanese dolls. Have a lovely weekend. x

  9. A lovely five. The daffodils are gorgeous and the wooden dolls. Enjoy your half term, we have another week to go in Jersey. Barbara

  10. What lovely treasures on your mantlepiece. The gifts from your in laws are very pretty, I particularly like the plate. The daffs are such a vivid colour, beautiful X

  11. Lovely features on your mantelpiece, the daffys are very pretty and springified. The gifts are very nice as well and the little bargain Christmas decoration is cute. I wasn't going to succumb to the sales this year, but I did :)


  12. Lovely things you have on your mantel. I love those Japanese dolls they are gorgeous.

  13. Oh, how I love daffodils! They are so cheery at a gloomy time of year. You have lovely things on your mantel, they say a lot about you. x

  14. Fab things and lovely colours in your photos. Our half term doesn't start until next week! Hope you're having a good one! Spring will be here soon xx

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