Friday, 26 February 2016

A Thursday morning

Hello. Time for Five on Friday again (where has the week gone!?!)
and today I have five photos from a beautiful Thursday morning I spent with my husband last week.

Every now and again he gets a day off during the week and it happily
coincides with one of my 'free days' - the days when Lulu is at nursery.
So we get a day to ourselves ( hurray!) and we can pretty much do
as we please from nine in the morning til three in the afternoon.
It's always exciting when, just after dropping off the girls, we make
a decision about where we want to go and what we want to do.
We almost always start off with a walk, then stop for coffee and cake
somewhere and if there are shops around, we'll have a nosey and
see what interesting things we can find. Whatever we end up doing
we always have a great time and not surprisingly, such days are most
anticipated, savoured and thoroughly enjoyed.

Last Thursday was one of these days. We headed to Bingham Park
right after the morning school run and had a lovely walk there,
my husband showing me where he used to play tennis and mini golf
 with his friends back in his secondary school days. He hasn't visited
 the park for many years so it was a trip down memory lane for him.
 I was simply happy to tag along.

Near Endcliffe Park, we saw a number of trees with red bands around 
their trunks and red hearts with the 'Save Me' message. I wondered 
why these trees were for cutting down; lots of people are not happy about it and neither am I. They looked all right to me. I hope they
will be saved.

Down Sharrowvale Road and around Hunters Bar are some delightful
and attractive shops and we stopped at many of them - the children's bookshop, a specialty shop selling lovely fresh pasta, a hardware store,
the wool shop. There was also this vintage place that looked very interesting but unfortunately, it was closed (see the little note on the
upper right hand corner). I hope it's open and we can have a look round
the next time we're in the area.

Our coffee and cake stop was at this bakery. I had hot chocolate
and this apple and cinnamon pastry; it was delicious.

We saw this sign outside the fishmonger's and we can only agree.
And also, quite clever advertising, don't you think?

That was our lovely morning out and then it was home for a quiet,
leisurely lunch and of course, before we knew it, it was three o clock
 and time to pick up the girls. But it was time well spent and we were together and as always, we are very much looking forward to our
next day off together.

I hope your Friday is going well. Thanks again to Amy for organising
this link party and thanks to all those who have visited here lately.
Wishing you all a great weekend!


  1. What a lovely way to spend the day and even better to share it with loved ones creating some lovely memories.

  2. Looks like you had a great morning out. Always sad when trees have to be cut down.

  3. Your Thursday sounds perfect. What a fun outing. I hope they save the trees or at least replace the ones that are lost.

  4. How nice to spend time with your husband instead of catching up with chores, it is so important to spend time together enjoying each others' company X

  5. Sounds like a lovely day and I love the blue skies!

  6. A lovely wander and a delicious pastry too! :-)

  7. It is always sad when old trees have to be cut down - but they can get really dangerous for people...

  8. I think it's so important to find time to spend together without the children around and well done for making the most of it. That blue sky looks amazing, and so welcome. x

  9. How lovely to get to spend a day with your husband - and you had gorgeous blue sky to accompany you this time. The bakery looks super. I did hear about residents protesting at trees being cut down - how short sighted of the council!
    Caz xx

  10. What a lovely slow paced day you had. Wonderful to be able to spend some time together and see something of your husband's past! I love the sound of your snack stop and I would have looked a mooch around the vintage shop, let's hope it's open next time.
    Lisa x

  11. Would love to browse in that shop and eat that yummy-looking pastry. What a fun day!

  12. A lovely way to spend the day! Hope you had a great weekend.

  13. I bet it's lovely to have some time alone :) Beautiful pictures, perfect weather! I hope the trees were saved xx

  14. That sounds like such a perfect day. It's so important to make time with your partner if you can. It's one of the things I miss about working, how little child free time John and I have together. I love the sign outside the fishmonger, what fun. x