Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunshine and Snowdrops

I hope you've all had a lovely Valentine's Day. Ours started off with
church then a walk round Crookesmoor Park. We had blue skies,
bright sunshine, pretty snowdrops, cute little hearts, light snow,
good food, hugs, laughter and kisses. It's been a good day and a very happy Valentines. It's also been a very nice way to finish off this
 half-term break. Tomorrow the second half of the school spring term begins and we're hoping for a good start to the week. Hope yours go
 well too whatever your plans are and I hope you had a wonderful, cosy and love-filled day today. See you soon.


  1. Lovely photos Marion. We are starting half term today - not me unfortunately, I am working :-(
    Wishing you a good start to the week. x

  2. Beautiful! Hope the return to school today has gone well! xx

  3. What a nice way to end your break. I hope the spring term starts smoothly. The first day back for us is always the hardest. Once we are back in the routine it's all good again.

  4. Look at that blue sky and fluffy clouds!
    I hope the first day back has gone well and the early morning start not too much of a shock.
    Lisa x

  5. Sounds like a beautiful weekend. Hope the girls get on well their first day back. X

  6. A lovely way to end the week. Hope all went well yesterday.

  7. What a beautiful sky! Glad to hear half term went well, I didn't realise that some schools were off last week, and it won't be long until the Easter break.
    Caz xx