Sunday, 20 November 2016

Granny Triangle Shawl

This is my new shawl. It's a granny triangle mainly in dark green with
stripes of soft yellow, blue, beige, pink, white and green colours.

The dark green yarn are Rowan merino wool and cotton mix that I picked for our
wedding anniversary this year. We celebrated our seventh last August and wool is
supposedly the traditional gift for this anniversary year. To make it easier for my
husband I said I'd be happy to receive some nice new yarn and to help him further,
I chose the yarn and colour myself. I'm not one for big, flashy presents and neither
is my other half, so this suited us perfectly. But I really was pleased and excited.
I wanted to create with my new yarn something that's a lovely reminder of the day
 that was also useful and not just decorative. This shawl, I feel, fits the bill just right.

My Rowan wool were not enough, though. Once again, my stash of leftover
yarn came in handy, adding colour as well as size to my shawl.

And it is a good size. The base is about 63 inches wide and wraps around my
shoulders easily. All that merino yarn makes it cosy and snuggly and it's wonderful
to wear on cold days like today. The granny triangle is a simple pattern and I made
progress quickly, finishing it off with a row of double crochet stitches. It's a treat
to have and in my book, a really brilliant present.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. We're off for a walk soon and I'll be
making more of my orangey chocolate cookies when we get back. Then the
Strictly results show after dinner, and Planet Earth II. My kind of Sunday.

See you soon!


  1. It's beautiful! The simplicity of the pattern works so well with the coloured edging, at that shade of green is really pretty. What a nice reminder of your wedding anniversary, and just what you want to wear on a cold November weekend. x

  2. What a beautiful, and very cosy looking shawl. A most original way to remember your wedding day. The colours look lovely together X

  3. Oh isn't it gorgeous, I love the colours xx

  4. This is a real beautiful make. I adore the shade of blue. What a lovely reminder gift you have made yourself for your anniversary.
    Lisa x

  5. It's beautiful! I LOVE the dark green. x

  6. It is a very pretty shawl, a perfect anniversary reminder. x

  7. What an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. The colors are beautiful and it does look so snugly. Those cookies look delicious! Enjoy!

  8. I adore the shade of blue. What a lovely reminder gift you have made yourself for your anniversary.


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