Saturday, 12 November 2016

Winter Projects

Two posts in as many days! This has never happened here before but I'm
posting this today because I'd like to join Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party
  for November. I really enjoyed joining in last year, getting to see what others
are making and seeing their progress through the weeks and months. I'd like
to take part again.

This is one of the projects I'm currently working on - Kazuko Aoki's
Gardening Sampler. I discovered her cross stitch book at the local library
last summer and just love all the beautiful motifs she had created combining
her love of gardening and embroidery. If you're a fan of those two things
you have to have a look at this wonderful book.

I started on this sampler sometime in July. It's a Christmas present for
my mother-in-law and I thought back then that I'll have plenty of time to
finish it before December. I suppose if I had been focused and worked on it
steadily, it would be finished and framed by now. Unfortunately, I got
distracted by so many other things - books, crochet, television, to name just a few -
and have only worked on it sporadically over the past months. So at the moment
it's still very much a work in progress. I don't think I'll get it done by Christmas.
It's not as portable as a crochet or knitting project and it's trickier to work on
now that we have darker and longer evenings. I really should have made hay
while the sun was shining more brightly last summer. Oh well, it will get finished
sometime this winter and it will be an Easter present instead. Good thing
I didn't make any promises on this one.

And here's on of those distractions I've been talking about. It's in the latest issue of
Mollie Makes and when I saw it I just had to make it. I decided I needed a really
warm, chunky scarf and I might not survive the winter without it! So here I am
busy with crochet and it's all about scarf making at the moment. There are also
plans to make hats for the girls as well as Christmas cards and decorations. I guess
my sampler will have to wait then.

Thanks to Jennifer for hosting this party. Thank you also to everyone who have
visited my blog lately. Thanks for welcoming me back- I'm really glad to be here!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I had to laugh about your sampler progress. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets distracted and starts other things. My husband often makes fun of me for having so many WIPs on the go. The work you've done on it so far looks beautiful. The little seed packet with seeds spilling out is really cute. The texture of your crochet scarf is really yummy.

  2. The cross stitch will make a great Easter gift. I completely understand getting distracted. I have a few Christmas crafts I'd like to make. I'm sure I will have a few that will be adjusted to birthday gifts and such.

  3. The cross stitch is lovely, so delicate and pretty. I love your grey crochet scarf, looks like it is going to be a very cosy scarf X